Is Online Gambling Better on a Desktop Computer?

Things to consider before buying a gaming computerWe can all agree that online gambling is great! New technology combined with evolving laws around gambling has led us to a place where so many more people have access to casino fun than ever before.

No longer do you need to live within a short drive from Atlantic City or Vegas or take a big, expensive trip. Nowadays, because of the rise of online gambling, no matter what your favorite game, you are only a few clicks away from being able to play today.

What we may not all agree on though is what the best way to enjoy the online gambling experience is. There are two basic ways to do it. You can either play on a desktop (or laptop) computer or your mobile device. Is mobile the best way to go? Or, is online gambling better on a desktop computer? Here we will take a look at the pros and cons of each.

1. Desktop Pros/ Mobile Cons

If you asked most gamblers, they would probably say that the overall experience of playing in an online casino, such as one of the new Canadian casino sites that are appearing on the internet, is best on a desktop. Whether it is just in the browser or in a desktop app, there are a few benefits you will get playing online casino games on a desktop that you will just not be able to find on mobile. Here are some of the advantages of desktop online casinos.

i) Faster connection

Speed is important when playing in online casinos. You want your connection to be as fast as possible and you definitely do not want any service interruptions while you are playing online. An interruption can hit when you are on your way to a big win on a hand or a spin and make you lose it all. That is an online gambler’s worst nightmare. A fast and reliable connection is key for online gambling.

While you can never guarantee you will not fall victim to a technological glitch or an outage, playing on a desktop is safer in this regard than playing on a mobile device. When it comes to Ethernet vs Wi-Fi, a hard-wired Ethernet connection from the internet to your computer will almost always be faster, safer, and more reliable than connecting over Wi-Fi. If your computer is connected over Wi-Fi, that will also be faster and better than your mobile phone network. And, even with both on Wi-Fi, your computer’s processing will create a smoother connection than your mobile device ever will.

ii) Screen size

Walking into a land-based casino is a sensory experience. The lights, the sounds, the smells all go into making the casino gaming experience what it is. While you may not smell the smell of excitement when playing online, the sensory experience you get from an cazinouri online is just as important. To get the graphics and the full picture of what online casino games offer, the bigger and more detailed your screen is the better.

When you look at the largest mobile tablet screen and the smallest laptop screen they may be pretty close in size but generally, you are looking at a major screen size difference between a desktop and a mobile device. And, it is not just size. The resolution of the screen which determines how clear the images are will be much better on a computer. If you are interested in the best computers for online casinos, check out PC Learnings’ article on 5 things to consider when choosing a computer for gaming.

iii) Fuller experience

If you want all the bells and whistles that an online casino can offer, you really have to play the desktop version. You will find more options and more features here than you will on any mobile casino game. This is partly a function of speed, space, and size, but also because of the way online casinos have been designed.

“Most online casinos – with a few exceptions – were designed to be played on a computer, not a mobile device,” says Laurent Sheppard, an online casino expert from Online Casino Gems. “The way the games function and are laid out is just a much better experience on a desktop.”

2. Mobile Pros/ Desktop Cons

While there are a lot of good things about playing online casino games on your desktop computer, that setup does have its limitations in certain cases. Sometimes, there is just no substitute for gambling on your mobile device. Here are the pros of having an online casino on your phone or tablet that desktop games just cannot match.

i) Gamble on the go

Having a casino in the palm of your hand is pretty cool. Being able to place a bet whenever and wherever you are, is something that seemed like science fiction only a few decades ago. In 2021, this ability has been a huge boon for both online gamblers and online casinos and sportsbooks alike. The portability and convenience of mobile gambling is the one major thing that desktop casinos will never be able to touch.

ii) Less Clutter

While some will point to the increased choice of games and increased functionality of desktop casino games as a plus, it can be a lot to deal with. Usually, mobile games are simpler, more straight forward and to the point. Because you do not have as much going on during an online casino game, it can be easier to understand, to play, and to focus on.

3. Conclusion

Looking at the pros and cons of desktop online gambling versus mobile online gambling, the verdict seems to be that the desktop version comes out on top. That said, the biggest advantage that mobile has – the ability to play anywhere – is absolutely huge and cannot be duplicated or even approached by desktop gaming.

In addition to that, the capabilities of mobile devices are quickly catching up to their more static counterparts. They will always lag behind in screen size but they are getting closer and closer in quality of images on the screen as well as dependability and stability of their internet and network connections. The desktop might walk away victorious this round, but that may not be the case in the near future.