Why A Post Having More Inbound Links Ranks Faster

inbound links importance

Most people just say you should do internal linking for better ranking. You should do because it links the previous article and the game ends. But how many people have told you the science behind that?

To be more successful in Search Engine Optimization, you must be good at SEO concepts so that you can understand the complicated algorithms of Google that took 19 years to make the best among all.

When people come to learning SEO, they jump directly to On-Page SEO, Keyword Research, and Off-Page SEO, then they think they know everything that Google took nineteen years to make. Period.

You must have a clear understanding of Spider, Indexing, Crawling, HummingBird, Panda, Penguin, Semantic Technology of Google, Machine Learning and much more – seriously I don’t want to impress you. So here the question comes, what is science behind it?

The science starts when Google Spider crawls your article, it observes everything that you can’t understand. I already told a year ago, the Google Spider acts as an antivirus software application that scans (crawls) the operating system (web).

What does it mean it observes everything?

It means when Spider crawls your article, it opens almost every link that your article has either internally or externally. So we are talking about the inbound link, so it crawls (scans) the inbound links, and read everything that the link is all about.

It checks either the linked article is relevant to it because it has a keyword in the anchor text? Yes! (Avoid rich keyword anchor text because it will confuse the spider which to rank for the given keyword). It checks other things too.

Then it combines the total words count. For example, if the article has 500 words, and it has 15 interlinked articles of 500 words, then spider will take the total words 7500.
15×500= 7500

Understand? No! Ok Take a look at the below proof.

Proof –>

  • 1. Keyword: “How to Learn SEO
  • 2. Searcher Per Month: 1000 (As per Keyword Everywhere)
  • 3. CPC: $3.35 

internal linking

Here’s the Best Result:
Top 1 Result of Moz:
Main Page Total Words: 142 Words Only
Total Words with All Internal Links: 29275 (Yes, about 30 thousand words, Google Spider Got Impressed)

inbound links importance

You will observe almost all the top results like the above one. Interesting? Most people say get backlinks to get the position one. But it is not all about that. It is the TEAMWORK of inbound links that affect the most of it.

Here You Learned a So-Called Secret That:

If the keyword has high search volume per month, instead of writing of 30,000 words, convert into smaller posts and the interlink them for the main keyword you want to rank that has the high search volume per month.