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How Tech Can Help You Prepare for Grad School

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Graduate school has always been a tremendous undertaking. However, as technology continues to progress and become a more prominent part of our lives, the prospect of grad school doesn’t have to carry the same level of stress and anxiety that it used to.

Fortunately for students, there are many online tools and pieces of technology that can help make grad school a better, richer and less burdensome experience. Below you can find a few ways that technology can help you prepare for grad school.

1. Online Communication Provides Easier Group Study

If you’ve recently completed your undergrad studies, then you are probably somewhat familiar with this invaluable tool. While almost all professors and students now have email addresses for communication, there are also other methods of online discussion that can be useful during your studies.

Discussion boards and classroom forums are a great way to get in touch with classmates or discuss material in a way that allows everyone in the class to see and participate. Arranging busy schedules for things like in-person study groups and collaboration is difficult, but simple tech like voice or video chat can make this problem a nonissue.

2. Utilize Podcasts and Videos for Supplemental Information

Some professors will record and post their lectures online, which is an incredibly useful tool for grad students. It’s one thing to take notes and pay attention in class, but when you’re studying later, it’s best to be as immersed in the material as possible.

If you have a professor that doesn’t do this, or you feel like you need extra help, there are hundreds of academic podcasts and video channels dedicated to any subject imaginable. This means that you can dive deeper into any subject outside of classroom hours and improve your overall understanding of the material while doing inane tasks such as cooking, cleaning or driving.

3. Internet-based Simulations and Prep Courses Improve Test Readiness

Simulations and online prep courses are especially important for students going into fields such as law and medicine. Students often say that signing up for an MCAT prep course online allowed them to pass the actual exam with much less anxiety.

Grad students with science- or medicine-based majors can also benefit tremendously from some of the more advanced technologies that allow them to complete simulations of potentially dangerous or delicate situations in a safe and controlled environment.

4. Smart Tech Can Save Your Sanity

Even if you take advantage of all of the online resources available to you, completing your graduate degree will require a lot of hard work. Fortunately, there are so many advances in the realm of smart technology that you can work smarter and ensure that you have enough time to rest and stay healthy.

Smartphones and fitness monitors are an integral part of grad student life. Scheduling apps, study reminders and fitness trackers can help you keep your hectic life organized without weighing you down.

Investing in a high-quality tablet is a great way to prepare for graduate courses as well. It can function as a lighter, more portable laptop, and it can also be used to download digital versions of some of your textbooks.

Choosing to complete your graduate degree is an excellent way to take control of your future. Making the most of the technology available to you can do wonders to help you prepare for the journey ahead.

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