Psychology Behind Blog Commenting: Why It’ll Never Die

You have heard the statement from many SEO Experts that blog commenting has died because it’s now considered spam to Google.

But have you ever tried to understand the psychology why people comment?

People comment because they have a problem. They have an issue that most people are unable to find via Google. That’s the reason, Bloggers Funda is here.

That’s the reason. Google has made forums for Google Adsense, Google Console, Google Analytics, and many other products separately for each product so that people can ask a question, and other experts can comment.

Now think again, do all experts have enough time to write the same answer again and again? Even I have made a Google Doc of the most common questions being asked in Bloggers Funda FB Group, and I copy and paste the link.

Then, of course, they provide the link to the posts that can be hosted on the Google platforms or they link to their own blogs.

Moreover, you will observe on the Google Analytics Platforms that many Top Rated Google Helpers have made their own blogs and they provide services of Google Analytics to their clients and they provide the link to their blog’s articles.

Listen, the Top Rated Person has an intention to help people, not to get a Backlink because they have written an epic article to the problem. Nobody can say the article is spam because it doesn’t solve the problem. If it really solves the problem and helps the readers, then it is fine.

If you use Google regularly, you will see there are many forums. Where people give a link to their blogs, and people say, “Thanks a lot”, my problem has been solved.

So, the first myth is clear that you blog commenting is okay nowadays! The second myth is where should write a comment and where not.

Here again, you have to understand the intention. If the blog or article has many comments, where a lot of people are posting the links to their blogs for the sake of just getting a backlink, then it is not an ideal place to post your link too.

I will say it is SPAM COMMENT HOUSE. You have to find THAT great house where people are helping each other, not competing with each other.

Tips Where You Should Comment

Here are few tips where you should comment:

  1. The site that has a good ranking in the eyes of Google. You can check with SimilarWeb and Alexa.
  2.  Where you want to write a comment must be relevant to your niche and must be relevant to your article so that people click. If your site is about Cheap Cars, and you’re commenting Cheap Dogs, then people will not click.
  3. The major goal should not be getting a backlink rather bring traffic to your blog. According to the latest research of SEMRUSH, the more users stay on your site for a longer time, the better ranking you will get. You have to get quality traffic and users read your article A to Z.
  4.  You should not comment on a blog where a lot of people are commenting with just their blog links.
  5. If you are willing to post your comment, your comment must have enough words that can change the perception of the readers and click to your link.
  6. Write a long answer, and impress the reader and then at the end, you can give a link to your blog/article on Quora.

So, we can say that blog commenting will never die because it is the problem healer of people.

Note: This method depicted above about blog commenting will work for a long term. For short term you can GSA like software applications to generate thousands of blog comments linking to your blog. It may increase or decrease your ranking. Use at Your Own Risk!