The Best Way to Recover Deleted Data From Mac

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It is really disturbing when you lose a very important file or data of yours that you cannot afford to lose at the moment. The loss of data can happen due to a lot of reasons like you could have deleted it intentionally and then you realize that you need it or you delete it accidentally as you were going to delete some other file or formatting the disk or system.

Data Recovery

Well, whatever be the reason, it is really devastating when you could not retrieve your important file back. Unfortunately, there is no such feature from which you could undelete the deleted file. Fortunately, there are some ways to recover your deleted files, especially if you realize your mistake quickly after deleting your file.

Here we will look into some methods by which you can get back your deleted document, photos, music files, and contacts.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Mac

  1. It is easy to recover a deleted document in Mac but for that, you have to act fast. The faster the action, the more the chances to retrieve it. When you move the file directly to trash and not permanently delete it, you can easily find it in the Trash. Just click on the Trash icon and select the files that you want to retrieve. It will be back from where you have deleted it.But the important thing here to remember is that you should do it as soon as you realize that you need that file. The reason is that when your hard drive gets full, macOS may remove items from the Trash. So, chances are that if you have deleted it a long time ago, you may not be able to recover the file as it must be removed.
  2. In this situation, you can retrieve it using a Time Machine backup.You just need to set it up once and it will be useful in recovering your lost data whenever you need it. You can navigate into the Finder and get your file back easily from there.

However, if you still are not able to get your lost data back, you can use free data recovery software to get your file back. But one thing that you need to know is that you should stop using your computer immediately.

This is because when the files are deleted in most operating systems, they are only temporarily deleted and the index that points to the files is removed. And, if you keep using your computer, chances are that the old data will be overwritten by the new data you add.

Mac Data Recovery Using Data Recovery Software

Third-party data recovery apps are able to scan the drive to find files and most of the time, recover it completely. One such software is EaseUS Data Recovery Software that can help you recover the files that are already emptied from trash. The mac data recovery software usesthe advanced technique that scans your entire hard drive and shows you all the recoverable files available. Here is how to use it:

Step 1

Install EaseUS Data Recovery Software. You can download the software and install it on your system.

Step 2

Open the software and select the location from where you have deleted the file. Click the scan button and the software will initiate a quick scan and deep scan. It shows you all the retrievable files that are available on the hard drive.

Step 3

Now when you are able to see the files, select the file you want to recover and select the preview to see if the file is the same as you wanted to recover. Just select the fileand recover it with Recover Now button.


Though chances are that you get your file back, why take chances? The best way to save your data from losing and yourself from the toil it takes to recover the data is to have a separate backup of your important files from time to time.