How To Repair Laptop Motherboard Safely

Motherboard is the most important component on of a laptop. The performance of a laptop depends on its proficiency. If you are a gamer and you are using best gaming laptop with best gaming keyboard, mouse, ram and graphic card and you have just a little problem in in motherboard, you will be unable to use your laptop.

So when it comes to repair laptop motherboard task, to accomplish this you are supposed to have an array of diagnostic equipment, a lot of tools and instruments; such as a testing jig, a complete range of multi-meters including an oscilloscope.

Without all these facilities it is practically impossible to correctly identify the exact problem with the mainboard. And the fact is that nobody has so much time to actually detect the problem.

The same thing is true for the friendly neighborhood repair center that is also not in a position to go in real depth of the problem either.

Many of us have gone through the systems of many reputed laptop manufacturers and all of them more or less follow similar operating practices related to after-sales service. LaptopTechnicalSupport.net Laptop recommendations can guide you properly about this.

If you have a laptop and you log an after-sales service call when your machine is still under warranty, then invariably the service engineer will turn up equipped with lots of stuff.

He will take a quick look at the machine to identify the issue as per some brand maintenance guidelines and after establishing the problem he will simply replace the spare parts without going into details of the problem with some individual part.

Before contacting your manufacturer, there are a few things you can diagnose yourself and get an insight of what the issue might be.

So, to get to the point, this article will suggest some tips to actually identify what is the situation with your machine without ending up blaming the motherboard for the fault.

It is common that many users just think that the motherboard is the cause of the fault when the actual problem lies somewhere else.

The golden rule is that you really need to look at the symptoms closely, establish exactly when the problem occurs and then try to pinpoint the real cause.

There are a few common situations that users encounter, which may not come from the board itself, let’s spare your laptop from some hassle and have a look at them.

How To Fix Laptop Display Issues

You have a problem in which when in use, the screen turns dim and it appears that it will switch off. So if this happens first try some other screen with the computer. If the new screen works properly, then it means that your display is faulty.

If the other monitor also does not work, then in the next stage there is a need to see the working of your video card. For this, you call the authorized repair center and ask them whether the video card is separate or an integral part of the motherboard.

The support people from your laptop\s manufacturer will certainly be able to tell you this. If it is separate then you may try to replace the video card with a new one and it may solve your problem.

If the issue is not sorted out even by performing this replacement, you are not expected to take your machine apart and spread it all over the place, as going further with such an action will not help you because you may not be knowledgeable enough to exactly identify the chip which is faulty on the motherboard and then repair it.

From now on it becomes the work of an expert. Therefore, if you are an expert yourself, it would be ok to repair laptop motherboard yourself. If not, then it’s a lot easier and safer to just get one to do the job for you.

How To Fix External Ports

Problems with the working of external ports, such as USB ports or headphone jack, are quite common. In such a case before calling the service engineer first try using other devices to check that your device is not faulty. If even other devices do not work then uninstall and reinstall the related drivers.

If even this does not solve the problem, then repair the operating system by using the recovery CDs after taking backup of your data.

If the fault remains even after this, then you can safely attribute this to some hardware problem. And the hardware is not necessary to be a part of your motherboard. It may be a small external component.

With a little effort or some help of a professional, even you may be able to identify the add-on hardware components that may be causing the problem and thus replace it without going further with the repair laptop motherboard.

For example, if the optical drive is not working, and you are able to operate another drive on the same motherboard, then it clearly means that you have to change the optical drive and not the motherboard.

And you must understand that if after all the above struggle, if it is finally identified that the motherboard is faulty, then the service engineer of the supplier will simply be changing the entire component.
Last Words

These are just a couple of the most common issues that users encounter. It is not easy for someone who is not so computer savvy, but it’s not impossible to do if you rake the right steps.You can spare yourself some valuable time and effort just by trying to find out where the fault comes from.To repair laptop motherboard can be tedious, even for an expert; so if you are not one of them, don’t try this at home!