All You Should Know About Retro Gaming : Exclusive Guide

The time to kick back old school and indulge in your favorite classic games has never been better. With exciting game collections being released all the time and the entire history of game releases being offered in digital stores everywhere, visit surplus.net where retro gamers are spoilt for options. Of course, for those who did not grow up on Atari, NES, and antiquated gaming consoles, the transition can be tough.

First of all, retro games are nothing like the intuitive and highly detailed modern games and can be punishingly difficult. Others are not so clear with the instructions and the moves needed to pass levels can be terrifyingly frustrating to figure out. Finally, these games can be simply unfair and not everyone likes that.

So if you are looking to begin your quest into the world of retro gaming here are some tips from the pros that will help you out.

1. Choose good games

While this may seem obvious, remember that not all “old” games are classics. Many old games are simply so bad that the only reason anyone ever played them was curiosity or a lack of options. A flood of awful games is what brought about the Great Video Game Crash of ’83 and the subsequent depression that affected gamers and designers alike.

But, fear not, because you will not have to sift through mountains of trash to come across the gems that are truly worth your time. The best way to go about this is to consult the many listings of great retro games available for specific systems. You can get started with this list of greats which include copious tips and tricks on mastering these games.

2. Practice makes perfect

It is with a wry smile that veterans of retro games will reminisce on moments of pure frustration and the many-a-gaming console has been kicked out of the window in despair and agony. When it comes to a challenge you simply can’t beat these pixelated wonders.

But, having said this, you should know that retro games can be beaten – with a few possible exceptions. But, it will take some practice.

First, understand that the game can be beaten, take time to practice, and study the movements and patterns of the enemy. Learn from your mistakes and adapt your strategies to match the foe.  You will often find that you can play your enemy into a situation where the victory is actually easier than you’d imagine.

3. Use YouTube and Guides

Today’s games have been designed to meet the needs of a fickle and spoiled generation and therefore the instructions and clues are painfully obvious. This includes the most sophisticated HUDs and clear instructions on passing any point.

Of course, this is not the case with older games. Just try your hand at the original Legend of Zelda or Castlevania 2 with no instructions or clues. Even if you are well-versed in retro games, you will be dropping your console off the terrace in no time while humming the theme song. Expect hours of backtracking to look for some obscure trigger that you needed to activate to open a door, cross a bridge, or obtain some item needed to progress in the game.

4. It’s OK to cheat, but try to play clean first

Don’t believe for a minute that Contra offers only 3-Lives, that Mike Tyson will flatten you with a single punch or that Mega Man will always be chucked into a pit by some well-placed enemy. But, you will find that there are sticky parts of the game that will take hours or days to surmount. This is all a part of the experience.

The best approach to especially challenging games is to begin playing them as they were meant to be played. Try to place yourself in the mind of a retro gamer or retro game developer. But, if you are ready to throw your controller at the wall and watch it smash to pieces, then it is time to CHEAT like a boss.

First, always save the game before challenging parts. But, then remember that most retro games allow for cheat codes that can greatly level the playing field. Never forget that the primary point of the game is to have fun, once you feel that the fun is gone from the experience, it is time to add some excitement, maybe you can cheat past one part and come back to it after you have planned a better strategy – just do whatever makes things fun for you.