Roblox Codes – Latest Promo Codes For Roblox

RobuxThe giant virtual gaming platform Roblox, in full growth, continues to add fans to its list. However, one of the challenges to enjoy the game to the fullest is to have the game’s own resources.

Without a doubt, one of these resources is the Roblox or Promo codes that are working.

What are Robux codes for?

Well, in a previous post we tell you how Roblox currency, free robux, works. There we saw that this currency can be obtained by buying it or working for Roblox. However, there is another way to acquire this money. And it is precisely through the use of Roblox codes.

What are Roblux or Promo Codes About?

When Roblox launches promotional codes, we can take advantage of them and turn them into virtual goods that will serve us in the game. This is a link where you can redeem your codes. We will see below how to exploit this resource to the fullest.

Of course, first, we must clarify that the codes are not eternally available to take advantage of them. So we have to be aware of what codes are currently working and discard obsolete ones.

List of current Robux codes

Here we show you a list of the codes that are valid at the moment. Please note that each code is redeemable once for each account.

Codes for the game Ninja Legend

Ninja Legend is a game where you can fight against other ninjas, compete in tournaments and even train to strengthen yourself. In this game, you will need robux, chi and ninjitsus to fortify you, acquire new skills and unlock weapons. You can get these goods with the following codes.

The codes that are currently active in this game are

  • Legends100m
  • Dragonwarrior500
  • Sparkninja20
  • Desertninja250
  • Soulhunter5
  • Swiftblade300
  • Masterninja750
  • Fastninja100
  • Epicsensei500
  • Launch100
  • Epicninja250

You can change these codes to robux, chi and ninjitsu. If you try to redeem a code and you do not succeed, it has surely expired, as happened recently with launch250.

Saber Simulator Codes

This game released just in September of this year, has several codes for you to get your rewards. The current codes are:

  • Vehnix, Murderer, Knowledge, Legend, Islands and 100m will give you 1000 crowns when you redeem them.
  • Mirrawrxd and Halloween will give you 500 crowns when you redeem them.
  • Prez, they’ll give you 200 crowns when you redeem it.
  • Shady they will give you 50 crowns when you redeem it.
  • The astro, zarco codes will give you 100 Candy Corn.
  • The trick code will give you 500 Candy Corn.
  • And beast, it will give you 600 Candy Corn.
  • With the melihkardes, cookieclix and telanthric codes they will give you 500 coins.

After a few days have passed, you can update yourself in the following link to see the new codes of this game.

Codes for Anime fighting Simulator

The codes ty41milvisits, fivethousandlikes, thanks4onek are exchanged for 200 yen.

Launch is a code redeemable for 250 yen.

10klikeswow for 400.

50fantastic, vis1ts5mil, subtorazorfishgaming and subtokelvingts are worth 500 yen.

Finally, INCREDIBLE25 contributes a thousand.

Currently, you can use them all, since there are no expired codes for this game.

Reaper simulator

In this game, you must run enemies to earn points and with them, buy stronger weapons. But you can also get points if you are waiting for the promotional codes they publish.

Code for Reaper Simulator

The codes that you can currently exchange for coins in this game are the following: Enhancers, update, 10milspecial, tenmillioncode, subtotelanthric, gamingdan, gamingdan, cdtv, teamsniglife and Jojo.

There are several codes to obtain fragments, which are also used in the game. Cdtvfans, betaarena, 10milspecial, freeshards, and bossupdate. You can see more of these codes in this link.

Blackhole Simulator

This is a game where you can go eating planets and all kinds of environmental things with your black hole. You can also eat the black holes of other players and get the rewards they have accumulated.

It’s a fairly new game, so it doesn’t have so many codes. But soon more will surely come out.

 Codes for Black Hole simulator

Some of the Roblox codes currently available for Blackhole simulator are extra gems, bricksboost, snuglife, pethype, gemspotion, razorfishgaming, blizmid, extrabricks, impulse, cointion and official launch.

With these codes you can get great benefits in games as you can see. It is always advantageous to stay informed. So stay tuned that we will always have news for you.