10 Tips To Know How to Safe Posting on Facebook Profile

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You have to be careful on posting in social network sites such as Facebook because another user can see your posting on that. I got some tips for you to safe posting on the social network:

1. Remember You’re Not the Only One Who post

Facebook allows anyone of Your friends to do anything with Your posting. So You have to concern about your friend’s TAG and Comment on your posting. Check Their Comment and TAG and ensure that They do on the right way

2. Become Enough Familiar with Settings

Before You’re beginning to post on Social Networking You have to know the appropriate setting. Some social networking site allows to restrict access to a folder of photos, some are not.

Some even can restrict the wall of your posting to just some group of friend. You have to be familiar with this so You can bring a post that relevant to your group of audience

3. Pictures Means Thousands Words & Can Be Ashamed

You have to understand that posting your video and images with some pose that’s not appropriate can affect directly on make You lose your face.

Posting Your tattoo image, posting your pictures with someone that Isn’t your couple in kissing mode, Posting the picture when You’re drinking. You have to take care about your own personality.

4. Don’t Post When You’re Not Stable

You know that driving when drinking is not allowed. This is the same way in posting. Just don’t post when You’re not stable. When You’re emotional, lack of sleep and in fear. That will influence The way You do posting.

5. Remember What For and Where Do You Right Now

The first thing is what the site is all about. Some site is made up for business and professional purpose, and some site is made up just for social purpose purely.

Sometimes your posting is good for linked in is not appropriate enough for Facebook. Please remember where You are. Formality in diction is quite important. Is It Formal or Non Formal?

6. Ready to Say No and Delete Friend

Not all request is a good request. You have to refuse some bad request from Your friend. Sometimes You also have to delete, block or unblock someone on your friend list if He’s not appropriate persons to be your friend and You don’t like what They post.

7. Remember Your Target

You have to think exactly of your reader. You post something that can be seen by many persons. What I mean here is We have to think about different purpose on your posting. Posting in twitter with thousands of follower need to be in line with your purpose. If You’re posting with programming concern, You should talk about programming not about the other. If you are targeting local users for your business then post relevant content to their interest.

8. Sensitive Material Can Be a Boomerang

You have to take care of the material that You’re posting. Posting some material that seems to be so sensitive can result in a very bad comment from another. You have to think about the material on that post. You have to be careful about posting, commenting and make the suggestion on the politics, sex, and religion

9. Don’t Mix Working With Pleasure

Facebook can be used for working and business but also can be used for pleasure. You have to think about this when You post what You have in mind. Maybe You can imagine that someone posting his farming game result on his business Facebook?

10. Is It Important to Use An Alias?

Maybe You think that using an alias is the best way to get rid of problems arise because of the social networking site. You can make a face account and be doing everything You want. But You have to know if another don’t know You, Is It still a social networking purpose?

Those are some tips to safe posting on social networking site like facebook, hope it can be helpful.

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