How to Improve SEO: Tips for Ranking on Google in 2021

Nowadays, almost all customers rely on google for a lot of information about the products or services they want. With this in mind, the business owner must perfect their SEO strategies. Search engine optimization is usually the actions that a business will take to raise its ranking on any search engine.

Many start-up businesses that have launched their new website will always look for ways to improve their SEO. As the business owner, you can always contact this SEO agency for a lot of assists. They are capable of growing your site within the first 90 days, thus improving your search engine optimization.

Below are some tips you should consider for improving your search engine rankings on google.

1.  Setup Google Analytics to track website traffics.

Setting up google analytics is a must-do so that you can track your website’s traffic. Power and flexible google analytics enable you to track the number of people using your website and what they do when they are on your website. Google Analytics can track your total sales, the content that attracts potential customers, and how your customers find you.

Learning how to deal with google analytics requires a little bit of technical know-how, but you can always ask SEO agency Singapore for help on how to deal with it.

2.  Write unique and relevant meta descriptions.

A meta description is a little blurb that always appears just below the title of the page in the search results. The meta description is usually an overview of what your page is all about, and it also helps your potential customer know whether they are on the right page looking for the right thing.

To highly improve your search engine optimization, you have to make sure that each page on your site has a meta description that briefly tells what the page is all about, is written in the right content, and also the one that has keywords that that page is targeting.

3.  Optimize titles.

Titles are essential since they are the first thing a user will look into when on a page to decide what result to click on. For you to improve your search engine optimization, your pages need a title, and those titles should be accurate, concise, and compelling.

Generally, in HTML code, the title of your website is h1. This is what google looks into so that they can categorize your page for the appropriate searches. Hence, the title of your website must contain some keywords.

4.  Clean up your URLs.

Your website URL is the address that is always indicated on your page. They always appear under the title in your search results. Besides, ensure that they are clean and secure to every user. A clean URL is straightforward to interpret and read since the user can know what the page is all about.

If a searcher has explicit knowledge of where that Uniform Resource Locator will take them, they are very likely to click on it. As we all know, higher traffic on your website translates to improved search engine optimization.

5.  Include keywords in your URLs.

Make sure you include the keyword that you are targeting in the Uniform Resource Locator of your page. This is vital since it helps in assuring Google that your page is relevant and that your content is of good quality.

Also, make sure you use anchor texts that are similar to the URL of your page. This is very important since it will help your users visit your page with a lot of confidence and assurance in what information they need.

6.  Optimize images with Alt text.

Supporting your content with images will automatically improve your search engine optimization. This is because an image will always enhance your consumer’s experience on your site and earn you some favor from Google.

Use an alt tag on every image you upload on your site. This will help you in that google will be able to read every image and, hence, gather a lot of information about your page’s relevance. Alt text should also contain a relevant keyword to what the page is all about.


If you are a business owner wondering how to improve their search engine optimization, the above information will guide you in achieving it. However, achieving a higher rank is not easy; it requires a lot of investment, resources, and creativity. It is this difficult because the google algorithm is changing fast, and as a business owner, you will have to keep up with the changes.