10 Signs that You Should Start Living Together

10 Signs that You Should Start Living Together

10 Signs that You Should Start Living Together

Should we move in together or not? What if it kills our relationship? To find out the answer to these questions, you need to check whether you’re ready for this step or not.

Yes, living together before marriage, you may easily turn your relationship into hell. But this works both ways, so you can also take it to a new level. A couple of months after you move in, your girlfriend may start talking about the wedding or vice versa – she may realize that you’re incompatible.

To survive the first months of living together, you shouldn’t rush things out. Move in only when you’re really ready for it. Then you both will enjoy this new beginning. But how to know if the relationship ready for such an important step?

Check out our list. If you spot at least five similarities, then you’ll perfectly get along together. And you can begin looking for an apartment. So, let’s find out how ready you are.

You’ve Seen a Lot

You saw her without makeup/having a hangover/ etc., but your feelings for her haven’t cooled down. If, when you wake up with her in the morning, you hug and kiss her with pleasure, then you really love her as she is, even without makeup. This is a good sign.

You Want to Spend Every Second With Her

You want to see her more often and try to spend every spare moment with her. And you see that she feels the same. Couples living together must cherish the time they spend with each other.

You’ve Already Distributed Your Duties

You discussed the prospect of living together a couple of times and have already decided who will do the cooking and who will take out the trash. If this conversation hasn’t happened yet, start it. Just begin discussing the details – and you’ll immediately understand whether your views on domestic duties, earnings, life, etc. coincide or not. If not, it’s better to settle the differences and compromise now, while you haven’t yet begun to live together.

You Have Fun Together

You love the time you spend with her, and you’re never bored with each other. If it’s true, then you’ll be able to enjoy living together before marriage pros. The thing is that some couples realize that they have nothing in common only after they move in together. Make sure that this is not about you and check if your partner is not an emotionally unavailable woman.

You Don’t Care About Her Shortcomings

You know your girlfriend’s shortcomings, but you’re ready to ignore them. If you hope to change some of them after you move in, your life together will turn into an endless war.

You Like the Idea of ​​Living Together

The prospect of living together inspires you! You dream about cooking a romantic dinner for her or taking a bubble bath together. If you associate the idea of living together with a mountain of unwashed dishes, boring, routine sex, and oversize T-shirts, you’re not ready yet.

You Have Already Decided Who Will Be the Leader

You have already discussed and decided who will be the breadwinner, who will pay the rent, and other financial issues. If you’ve already talked about money and come to an agreement, then your love will survive the routine. Couples living together before marriage should equally distribute their duties and responsibilities.

You Want to Propose to Her

You’re thinking about proposing to her. It’s better to test the relationship by living together first.

You Have a Place to Live

It would be nice if you lived together. But if there’s no such opportunity, and you live with relatives, then at least chose a place with fewer problems. Think if you’re ready to live not only with your girlfriend, but with her mom, granny, dog, or sister.

She Likes the Idea of ​​Living Together, Too

You offered her to move in together, and she immediately said yes. This is the surest sign that you’re ready. You’ll definitely enjoy the benefits of living together before marriage.