How Smartphones Help Us To Study In Student Life

Smartphone for study
Smartphone for Study

About a decade ago, no one knew and could imagine that today phones would do an excellent job in many tasks: working with e-mail, viewing text documents and spreadsheets, working with task schedulers and many others. But with the emergence of the “bitten apple” the world of telephones, and actually, the whole world turned upside down.

In the first smartphones, the main emphasis was made on design, gaming and multimedia capabilities, etc., without focusing on the intelligence of the devices.

As everyone was so excited about the entertaining possibilities of the very first smartphones, they grew even smarter and developed to the point where they can be used as educational tools.

Nowadays, thanks to smartphones, education is always “in your pocket”. Today distance learning, online courses for studying a variety of disciplines are becoming more accessible and comfortable to use.

Advantage of a Smartphone For Study

The great advantage of a smartphone is that it can be used anytime and everywhere, but one should remember that the device needs recharging. In addition, you must pay your mobile operator for communication services in time.

The screen of a smartphone, however, remains small, which makes it uncomfortable to use for viewing long text files. But due to the small size, a smartphone, compared to a laptop, is very light and convenient for transportation.

Usefulness for students

Despite the fact that smartphones, when used for entertainment, can steal an awful lot of time, let’s not forget about the great advantages. First of all, a smartphone gives access to a huge amount of information.

And while reading voluminous materials from it is not as convenient as it would be from a tablet,printed or electronic book – a mobile device allows you to quickly find the right material during a preparation for a lesson.

In addition to the information search tool, a smartphone can be an educational program environment. There are many apps for students at Android and iOS software markets. There are educational games for kids,which, in a free and easy form, allow them to learn new information.

For senior pupils, reference books on various subjects, collections of mathematical, physical and chemical formulas and rules, dictionaries of native and foreign languages, and others like that were created.

Downloading such a large amount of information toa smartphone is much more convenient than using a bunch of paper textbooks and manuals. After all, if every student has six lessons each day, then six books make his backpack too heavy.

Bringing books, which weigh 300-500 grams each, only to repeat a material that takes one to two pages during a break is not very convenient. Using a smartphone is much easier.

However, the ability to contain large amounts of information, while remaining small and easily accessible, is not the only benefit of smartphones. There are numerous applications which greatly simplify the learning process and help students use their time efficiently:


A portable translator is indispensable for lectures. Google Translator is currently one of the most popular. By installing it on a smartphone you can instantly translate from 90 languages when typing text from a keyboard.

An instant translation using a camera is available in 26 languages. The text can not only be typed on the keyboard, but also by using graphic input.


The application turns a phone into a scanner for documents and books. With it, you can quickly scan a document, print, or email it as a PDF or JPEG file. Moreover, you can save PDF files to your device and open them in other applications.


The popularity of this application is steadily increasing. With its help, you can organize if not everything in your life, then a lot of it. This is exactly what students need.


Students are asked to read a lot of literature, sometimes they do not have enough time. With a special application, it’s easy to choose, download and listen to audiobooks everywhere. So the time will pass with dual benefit.

It can really help with English homework when you are assigned to write a paper about a certain book from a syllabus.Also, 70% of books are provided with a text version synchronized with a soundtrack. The special section of the library contains free audiobooks that you can use to test the format.


Writing a timetable in a notebook is in the past.One beautifully crafted in a mobile application is able to remind aboutlessons, it greatly improves the desire to visit them too. Here you can record tasks, and even keep track of your grades. You can also set reminders for regular essays, tests or exams.

A smartphone can help not only to make a call, send a message in social networks, find necessary information on the Internet or watch a funny video.

But also thanks to modern applications, you can turn your pocket gadget into an assistant which can improve your academic performance, memory, concentration, and help you learn many new and useful facts.