5 Fatal Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

It is important to realize that in whatever field you’re diving, there are bound to be some traps you can fall into. However, the size of this hole may vary depending on your precautionary measures. The same goes for Social Media Marketing and here are 5 mistakes that might give you a setback through your journey and thus you should avoid.

1. Your own self-doubt hole    

Of course, the number one mistake in social media marketing is not actually believing it will work. Have you heard of the phrase “Believing is ⅔ of the work” – a bit of a paraphrase but it goes a long way and is undoubtedly applicable to social media marketing. You may still be trapped in the myth that social media is only for the young tech-savvy generation but we’re here to tell you it’s not! Getting rid of this doubt is the number one favor you can do to yourself if you want to get in the game with the exponentially growing tech generationx.

2. Self-centered much?

Everywhere now it’s become all about me, me and me. But you have to remember that Social Media is created for the purpose of connecting and building relationships with others. According to numerous studies, consumers buy more of brands they can connect with. Relationships are two-way, so how would you expect to build this if all you do is talk about yourself(business)? Our advice would be to remember acknowledging what your consumers want, engaging with them and trying your best to adjust to their needs.

3. Going without a map

Just like any other goals you have set in your life, social media marketing goes along the same path. You need to have a plan; a detailed plan as to the allocations of budget and the set of actions you’re going to take. Simply posting random pictures in order to try to attain a certain number of followers will not get you anywhere. Remember that followers have no meaning if they are not real (interested in your brand/ your area of business)

4. Empty Relations

This is something that many businesses have fallen trap into. We know that you are busy and there are myriads of things on your plate but there is no use in using social media to market your business if you don’t take advantage of the features they provide you with: engaging in conversations. The advice we can give here is only: reply, reply, reply. Reply all the comments and you might just stumble upon knowledge/feedback that might help your business grow or you might encounter your life-long customer.

5. The Negative Feedback

Yes, we all have these. No matter what industry you may be in, there will always be negativity and it is inevitable. However, how you react to this is in your control. Before losing your temper and going on your fight-or-flight mode when your eyes scanned through these comments, take a deep breath and step back from your screen.

Think about why they might be giving you a hard time and reflect. Is this may be an opportunity for your brand to improve? And after regaining your composure, you will realize you have the option to address this negative comment by having a conversation with this person- yes, this is also taking advantage of Video on Social Media. You might then even realized that through these kinds of conversations, your brand has the potential to improve far beyond your imaginations.

However, we do have a warning to stay away from personal attacks that are nowhere related to constructive criticism.