5 Top Point of Sale (POS) System for Restaurant

Image of POS System on Table

It is never easy to manage a restaurant. You need to take the order of your customer, serve them food they have ordered, manage your cook and staffs and take the payment of the food that customers have ordered. So, you certainly need some system for making things organized and also on track.

That is the reason why you need the restaurant POS systems that can make your entire process smoother. So, in this article we have come up with some best POS system that you can choose for managing your restaurant:

1. TouchBistro

It is one of the best POS systems that are specially made for managing a restaurant. It is an iPad-based POS system that has been in use since 2011. The best thing with this POS system is that it has a simple setup and design and as such it is much easier to operate.

It can easily process all kinds of payment transaction including cash, card or mobile payments. Apart from that, this type of POS system can be fully customized and you can organize its menu as per your choice.

2. Talech

This is another kind of intuitive POS system that is highly used for a restaurant. Apart from the intuitive design and integrations it also comes up with cloud capability. The best thing with this POS system is its price. You can avail the standard plan of this POS system with just $49 per month.

Thus even the small restaurant owners can avail this POS system. With the help of this POS system, it becomes easy to track your sales and performance. Moreover, it also becomes possible to configure taxes on the basis of per item or per category.

3. Toast

This POS system is named so as it is specially made for the food service industry. It has all the features that are required in a restaurant. It is basically a kind of restaurant management system that can certainly increase the efficiency of your employees, reduce your cost as well as enhance the customer service.

With the help of this POS system, it becomes possible to take the orders of the customer on the fly. Not only that when the order gets ready it gives an alert to the service so that the order can be served to the customer timely which in turn can enhance the customer satisfaction.

Moreover, with this POS system, it is not only possible to process the payments but you can also print the receipt or can send the receipt through email.

4. Sapaad

This is another cloud-based POS system which is also very suitable for a restaurant. It comes up with various unique features that you hardly find in any other POS system available in the market. For example, it provides recipe management service, food costing service, purchase management service, inventory management service, etc. With the help of this POS system, it becomes possible to tweak purchase orders.

Apart from that, it also helps in receiving goods against invoices very conveniently. It can make a comprehensive customer database and keep the record of their contact details, food preference, order history, etc. and thus it helps in boosting the customer’s engagement. Apart from that, with this POS system, you can also track the home delivery in real time which helps you to optimize your overall efficiency.

5. Square:

It is another highly used POS system that is compatible with Windows, MAC, Android device as well as the iOS system. With the help of this POS system, it becomes possible to issue a digital receipt, handle the payment system, provide inventory reports, etc.

Along with printable sales report, it also provides receipt printer support, tax report, barcode scanner support, full or partial refund report, etc. With this POS system, transparency can be maintained through the flat rates. Since it charges the same rate for each and every transaction customer can easily determine what they will get from the beginning and it thus helps in gaining the customer’s trust.

Thus, if you are running a restaurant and are looking for a software or system that can manage your day to day work efficiently then you can choose any of the above-mentioned POS systems which will help you to manage your restaurant efficiently.