Top 2 Ways To Know When To Upgrade Your Hosting Plan


Are you a blogger and hosted your blog on a shared server? After some time you must have thought to upgrade your plan, right? On the other side, you might think to upgrade the plan and when is the right time to switch? Because upgrading too early leads to spending money and upgrading late will affect your website performance. In such situations, it becomes tough to find out the right solution. In this article, I am going to highlight two ways that will help you to decide regarding upgradation of the hosting plan.

Top 2 Ways To Upgrade Your Hosting Plan

To ensure if upgrading your plan is the right decision or not, you will need to go for a better web hosting plan though it might cost you high.

  • Your site is running slow

The slow loading speed of the website is an essential factor that every website owner needs to focus. According to experts, maximum loading speed of the website is two seconds. You can easily measure the speed of your website with the help of Pingdom tool. If your website is loading slow, this will affect your potential customers and increase the bounce rate too. There are various factors that can affect your website speed and performance as well. But the most important factors are mentioned below:-

  • Poor optimization of the website:-

If your website is not optimized properly then this will take away your potential customers. However, it is important to drive enough traffic to achieve the business goals. To optimize your website, you can implement these strategies such as using optimized images, adding relevant keywords, editing meta and image tags, setting call for action on the website, etc.

  • Opting for ordinary hosting service:-

In spite of implementing all the above mentioned strategies still your website is struggling to get on top in search engine then you might be facing issues with the hosting service. This clearly indicates that either you have to change the hosting provider or upgrade the current hosting plan. Check Windows Reseller hosting plan to host your Windows website.

Similarly, if your site starts getting good amount of traffic, a basic shared hosting plan will not manage the workload. This will directly impact your loading speed and users will search for the new option to fulfil their requirements. To overcome this issue, you can contact your provider and check how much traffic your hosting plan supports. If your current plan is not meeting the requirement then you can ask your provider to guide you accordingly. Moreover, you can monitor your website traffic on your own, this will help you to identify how much of a load your hosting plan can take. Using a Google Analytics can be helpful to know the exact traffic of the website.

My Recommendation:-

If you are looking to upgrade your plan, MilesWeb is the best solution for your website. They offer all types of plans in the hosting and you can select any plan depending on your requirement. Check below the prices of their hosting solutions:-

  1. Web hosting plan: Rs. 99/mo
  2. Shared hosting plan: Rs.699.30/ mo
  3. Linux VPS Hosting plan: Rs. 585/mo
  4. Dedicated hosting plan: Rs. 5687.50/ mo
  5. Unlimited Linux Reseller plan: Rs.640/ mo
  6. Cheap Linux Reseller plan: Rs.290/ mo
  7. WordPress hosting plan: Rs.69/ mo

Their servers are located in India, USA, UK and Romania. While signing up, you can select any server location and your account would be set up on that server. They aim to offer the quality service to all types of businesses. Their support team consists of experts who are highly experienced in Linux Reseller hosting and Windows system administration and they are committed to provide world class service 24*7. You can reach their help desk 24*7 via chat, mail and phone.

  1. Ask for advanced features:-

It is a fact if you pay more; you get more. Similarly, if you spend more money to buy the best hosting plan then by default you will get superior features included in the plan. Let’s have a look at the features below:-

  1. Daily Backups: Always make sure that you are getting backup option included in your plan. MilesWeb offers cloud backup plan starting at just Rs. 99/ mo. This feature is optional and its your choice whether to include it or not.
  2. Free migration: If you are not satisfied with your existing provider, it’s time to switch your provider. Why not to try MilesWeb. They charge nothing for data migration.
  3.  Malware scan and Removal: MilesWeb takes care of your website and protects against hackers and spammers. The websites are auto scanned and in case any threat is found, it gets fixed immediately.
  4. Pure SSD Storage:- MilesWeb offers pure SSD disks to host your website on SSD drive for a better user experience and faster loading speed of the website.

List of advanced features are never ending and MilesWeb is the one stop shop where you will get all superior features. If your current plan doesn’t include all the above mentioned features, as I suggested before, you can switch your plan. It is not written anywhere to continue with the same plan even if you are not receiving high traffic.


This informative article is enough to know when you should upgrade your plan. Found article worth? Share your feedback below in the comment section.