Best YouTube Channels for Watching Free Movies


We all love free movies and watching TV! The Internet has completely made it easy for movie buffs. We can watch all the wonderful movies right on our laptops and mobile phones. We understand that movie lovers are constantly looking out for sources that provide free movies regularly. I’ll be surprised to know that YouTube has got a massive collection of free movies. Further, if you want to know how to watch TV for free, we’ll write a separate article for you.

YouTube Channels for Watching Movies

There are dozens of channels on YouTube which are uploading free movies regularly. The best part is they are legal. So you need not be worried about copyright issues when you are watching movies on YouTube. We’ve made a list of YouTube channels where you can find tons of great movies. You need not to pay a dime to watch the wonderful movies on these channels.

Of course, you’ll be interrupted by some ads during the movie. We recommend you install an ad blocker extension on Google Chrome so that you will not be interrupted by the commercials. Also, check out the free movie sites online for online movies.

1. The Paramount Vault

Paramount Vault is one of the legendary movie production houses in Hollywood. They have made lots of classic movies over the last couple of decades. This YouTube channel is an official one as it was created by Paramount Pictures.

So, you will find some good-quality movies on this YouTube Channel. There are many black and white classics that were directed by the iconic director uploaded on this channel. This channel also has dozens of color movies from the 70s 80s and 90s. You must subscribe to this channel to not miss any new uploads.

2. Timeless Classic Movies

If you are a person who loves to watch old classic movies then you need to check out the Timeless Classic Movies channel on YouTube. It has got movies in different genres like action, adventure, sci-fi, dramas, comedies, romance, etc. It has more than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Most of the movies on this channel are black and white and you’ll be surprised to find that each movie has got nearly 100,000 views. It was started in 2012 and received almost 2 million views on YouTube.

3. Maverick Entertainment

It’s a popular channel on YouTube for watching free movies. It has reached almost 5 million subscribers on YouTube. You’ll see the regular uploads and the quality of the movies is very good. There are many color movies on this channel. They will upload at least 1 new movie on this channel every day.

If you are searching for a good source to find good quality independent movies, then Maverick Entertainment is your thing. They also produce some great videos which they call “Maverick Originals”. You must subscribe to this channel if you love to watch free movies on the internet.

4. Timeless Western Movies

Timeless Western Movies was created in 2013. It’s the best channel on YouTube to find the old western classics. It’s a little disappointing to see that they have got only 6,500 subscribers. However, if you are craving old western movies you need to check out this channel.

5. Viewster

You can find refreshing and exciting movies on Viewster YouTube Channel. It has got more than 200,000 subscribers and 2 million views on YouTube. They claim they upload a new movie every day on this channel which is true. There are tons of movies in all kinds of genres on this YouTube channel.

You can also find rare movies like the old cartoons on this channel. Check out this channel to see some of the old classics and the crazy movies. There are also numerous trailers on this channel. Viewster is definitely one of the best YouTube channels which uploads free movies regularly.