Upgrade your Mac’s Battery Life with these Hacks

Is the diminishing MacBook battery life taking your heartbeats away? Well, I’m sure it is when you’re in the middle of an important project, and reducing battery percentage catches your keen eye. Remember that staring at the percentage count won’t work any better for you.

Now, you might be inquisitive about MacBook’s reputation for excellent battery life. It is one of the best among other devices- all thanks to securing a large part for many efficient processes, the battery life improves with the launch of every new product. But, the harsh truth here is that no matter how good of a battery backup a new-fangled device offers, this all-day battery life will fade. Staying young and forever isn’t possible for anyone, yet some practices can aid our way through securing this shiny device for a longer time. There are many settings in the Energy Saver Panel that swear to track your battery cycle count and reduce battery consumption immediately when it ticks below a certain percentage. Additionally, there are many other things you can do to extend your MacBook’s running time with some saving tips. Can’t wait to know more? Let’s go!

  • Switch off the Keyboard Backlight:

MacBook developers seek to provide their Mac users the opportunity to turn the keyboard backlight after a few seconds of inactivity. All you have to do is open system preferences, go on the keyboard, and then enable the option of turning the keyboard backlight off after the chosen time. You can select the inactivity time as low as 10 seconds or even more as per your needs.

  • Quit unused and unnecessary apps:

This tip comes from the Windows Camp. The bad news here is that macOS doesn’t stop the app from running even after hitting on the ‘X’ mark- as we do on Windows. The app still runs in the form of background programs and leisurely consumes explicit battery life. Yet, you can work on closing the app by using a two-finger click on the icon of the app dock and have a sigh of relief by selecting the Quit Option.

  • Dim the Display:

Display powering is known to drain battery resources the most. Thus, tech giants recommend lowering the display brightness to an eye comfortable level as first things first. The more the brightness level, the shorter is the battery life. Mac users have the option of setting the display of battery level to dim and shutting it off after some period of inactivity time. Clicking on System Preferences and then going on Energy Saver is your rescue here.

  • Stay up-to-date with Latest Software Updates:

Another thing that should be on your list is staying up-to-date with the latest macOS updates if you’re eyeing good battery life. Go to System Preferences, and click on software updates to check if a new update is available. You can also keep your Mac up-to-date by selecting the Advanced button. Doing so, your Mac will check for updates, download them, and embark upon the installation process on its own.

Turning off Bluetooth, disconnecting unused modems/dongles, using activity checks, switching graphics, and disabling CPU turbo boost are some other tips that a Mac user can follow. The final yet most important trick is something that everyone ought to know, and that’s never charging your Mac to its full capacity. The complete battery of the Mac tends to lose some capacity and leads to shorter battery life. Always aim at charging it to 50% for long-term usage and storage. Hopeful that these tips have enlightened you with enough knowledge to keep up with your Mac’s battery health.


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