Why You Should Upgrade Your Verizon FiOS Router

Upgrade Your Verizon FiOS Router

Think about how you used to use the internet before you could stream movies from your television. Routers previously were just responsible for browsing online and downloading, nothing comparable with the speeds that we need today.

The lifespan of the average router is between four and five years, but with the advancements of technology, it isn’t surprising that you might have one that has become obsolete sooner than that. Upgrading your router does not have to be challenging, however. You can go here to see the best Verizon FiOS routers that you can buy.

If you are not sure whether your current router can handle your internet activity with Verizon FiOS, here is why you should do it.

Older Router Means Slower Speeds

Even if you think that your router is doing its job, if it is a few years old, it will not be capable of handling the high speeds that you can get with Verizon FiOS. Newer routers are specifically built to take on the usage that most households need today.

Security Concerns

 Unfortunately, hackers, cybercriminals, and malware only seem to get more sophisticated as time goes on. Security software does its best to keep up with changes in cybersecurity, but an older router with older firmware is not going to be able to filter out the most current cyber threats. Ideally, your router will be able to update as security improves, but you need to be sure that your router is as secure as it can be.


If you are streaming a movie on your television, while another household member is streaming a show on his or her tablet, and yet another household member is gaming online, your router is going to need to be beefy enough to be able to not only handle the speeds you need with no buffering.

A reliable router will also have the ability to prioritize where your bandwidth should be going, ensuring that the user who really cannot have an interruption will get the best and clearest connection.

Dropped Signals

Another sign that you might need to upgrade your router is if you are losing signal throughout your house or if the signal doesn’t reach everywhere that you have devices. Newer routers often will have better reach, ensuring that you are not finding as many dead spots throughout the house.

Day-to-Day Problems

 If you have found yourself getting annoyed at the internet speed, resetting your router, or experiencing any kind of buffering, you should first check your internet speed (for example speedcheck.org). Verizon should be able to confirm this for you and verify the speed that you are paying for, in case you should not be blaming the router. If you know that you have the ability to get high-speed internet, but are not, then you need to upgrade your router. You should never be frustrated with your internet speed.