The Best Way to Use Social Media For Your Business.

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Having a startup? Have you registered it as a Proprietorship or obtained a Private Limited Company registration? If yes then this article is just for you. It is essential that now you reach your target audience. There are many ways to do it. The basic way to do it is word of mouth.

Then as you go ahead, the methods of publicity will grow more and more complex.  Don’t worry; with a little understanding, you can then apply these mediums for your preferred exposure. Now comes the most part traditional mediums like posters, billboards, etc. can be very expensive.

Metrics like precision cost incurred and Return on Investment.  On the other hand, mediums like social media can be very precise, cost-effective, and will give you a great return on investment.  So, let’s see how you can harness social media for your use.

There are many different types of social media:

  • Video Sites
  • Networking Sites
  • Micro-blogging Sites
  • Photos Sites

Video sharing sites include YouTube, Vimeo to name a few. Social Networking will include Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Micro-blogging will include Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Photos include Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. There are en-number ways to use the above-mentioned social media platforms. According to a few research sites people don’t have the time and money to invest in social media.

That might be the real part of it but here is one thing I would suggest personally that is, it is always better to have some time and money invested in social media. You can see the results in the medium and long-term. Here in this article, we will see how you can handle social media sites for your business. So, let’s proceed.


Facebook ranks at the top when it comes to social media networks. With more than 2 billion active users Facebook stands strong when it comes to social networking. As a business owner, you should know your product or services. You can use this knowledge to get close to your customers.

Why am I saying this? It is because people check into Facebook multiple times a day. Giving them what they want would be a wonderful strategy to publicize your business.

It is very simple. Start a business page. Include all your details on this page like your address, phone number, etc., etc. Be sure you don’t miss this. Then curate your post according to the needs and demands of your target audience.


Twitter is a micro-blogging platform. It is a unique and creative platform. The character limit for Twitter is 280. In this limit, you have to inform your customers about the offerings you have.

They say Twitter can bring down traditional publicity and information platform like newspapers. It is so because the character limit of twitter makes it more like a platform that generates and distributes headlines.

Through this platform, you can inform your customers about the main happenings and many other things. Sometimes the character limit might get over. In this scenario, it is best to give links to help your customers or potential customers to go through the events, happenings, etc. It is best that you maintain a website or a blog in regard to your business.


YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. You can’t ignore YouTube. You have to have your presence on this platform. It is one of the best platforms to boost your SEO results. You can go a whole lot more creative with this platform.

This platform can actually express what the real actuality is. YouTube can help you gain traction, attract customers and increase your Return on Investment.  YouTube’s integration along with pictures, words, and hyperlinks are simply wonderful. It is sort of a complementary thing.

There are chances that your channel might go viral! Once you go viral, your sales can ultimately skyrocket. Not to mention this fact you can earn from YouTube.


Instagram is a tool that is used to share images across your network. Now brought over by Facebook, Instagram is one of the leading apps when it comes to sharing images. They say a picture more than words. I might say a thousand times more than what words would say.

Try describing what the world-famous painting Monalisa wants to say. General talks apart, maintaining an Instagram account is helpful as it will help your customers have a little peek inside your world. You can create your custom hashtag.

You can interact with your audience by adding genuine posts, and you can boost these posts using best site to buy Instagram likes. The more your followers will increase, the more you will get the advantage of it. Also, you can do a blend of many different things on this platform. You have to decide what you want to display for your business as a whole and then use Instagram accordingly.


LinkedIn is the most professional platform of all. It is a platform that is dedicated to all professionals. Having a presence on this platform is very good for some reason.

  • You can hire people
  • You can advertise
  • Also, you can use LinkedIn as a platform to gain potential investors
  • You can use it to develop your business.

This is how you can use social media for your benefit. To part you with ending thoughts on more about digital marketing it is also much better to start your SEO efforts. This along with properly formulated and well-executed social media plans can do wonders for your business.