7 Ways to Earn Money Online At Home Without Risk

Ways to Earn Money Online At Home
Ways to Earn Money Online At Home

Nowadays you need money almost everywhere. Not only for (monthly) household costs, such as groceries and gas and electricity, but also for your mobile phone subscription or your beloved Netflix account.

However, that money will not fall from the sky; you will have to work hard for it. Unfortunately, the money you earn from your regular job is not always enough, or you have difficulty finding work at all.

Perhaps you are therefore inclined to take a chance in the gambling hall, hoping that your money problems will suddenly disappear like snow in the sun. But pay attention to the keyword ‘chance’: there is a risk that you will lose money. How can you still make money online (from home!) Without running the risk of losing your money.

Choose wisely

It sounds simple: earning money online with a (side) job, and allocating money problems. But do not forget that a job in which you sit slumped on the couch, with your laptop on your lap, is still a job. You are still expected to do your very best to earn your money.

And besides, it may seem nice to have no nagging colleagues around you, but you have virtually no social interaction at the same time. And you can possibly miss that in the long run. In addition, your colleagues and the work environment around you can motivate you to go to work, while in your home environment you might prefer to choose your hobby more than your work.

Go for a job that matches your abilities

Starting your own Youtube channel may sound like a dream job, but it will be completely in the soup if you have nothing interesting to say or do for the camera. Only if you really something spectacular or funny able to do for the camera, and thus get a lot of views, you will be able to earn a living through YouTube .

The moral of this: choose a job that you really have potential for. For example, the chances are not only that you get more assignments and / or receive a higher salary, but also that you are much better motivated to start your work, and thus to do a good job – where you get back to work faster earns!

Choose the work that fits your current life

However, it is not only important that you choose a job that matches your knowledge and ability, but that also fits into your life. In other words, if you have children, it may not be convenient to take a job where you are supposed to work in the evening (late) or at night .

The taking of such work means that your planning skills have to be tested. Your job is your source of income, and that is of course in the first place. And in case you already have another, permanent job, your extra job will come second. So – as far as you have room for it – go in search of a job that matches your current schedule .

Online (at) jobs to make money

‘ Working from home’ is now mainly translated into online work. Technology is indispensable in our current society, making these online jobs also becoming increasingly popular. And here you can benefit from it.

After all, if you possess the right skills and use them in the right way, the only thing you need is a computer with a fast connection and (possibly) a telephone. What remains is to plan your (flexible) working day, which fits your schedule. But what kind of job is actually meant here? Below you will find a number of examples.

The number of people working from home is growing.

# 1 Employee of a call center

Chances are that you yourself have had to deal with a call center. You may have a complaint or question about a purchased product, after which you have contacted the seller. Then you got a call center employee on the line. This person was employed in a central office, which is simply used for receiving or sending such requests (product information, etc.).

However, you can also work from home as a call center employee. You are then expected to work through a certain script and thus provide routine customer service or sell products. Here you are expected to present the script as naturally as possible. Moreover, it is a requirement that you have a quiet space to work in (office at home?).

Expected income : $5, – to $ 10, – per hour, with some call centers giving a little extra to high sales.

# 2 Blogger

Blogs have become increasingly popular in recent years. Fashion blogs, sports blogs, school blogs, personal blogs, political blogs – you name it, they are all in abundance. A blog is essentially a website (‘weblog’) on which you can share all kinds of information with others , on which they can then express their opinion (discuss) or express support for what you write as a blogger .

It goes without saying that you have to be able to express yourself well in words, and that you can write interestingly. When this is the case, your blog will often be visited, so companies want to place their ads on your site, or give you products that you can recommend. By exposing yourself, you build a bond with your readers, so you can convince them faster to buy a certain product.

Expected revenue : depending on the number of hits that the ad generates on your site; often between $3 and $ 10 per 1000 hits and you can draw from many online payment gateway.

# 3 Document translator

The international there are companies, the more important it is to communicate in multiple languages. This means that the demand for people who speak several languages ​​- and write! – rises. During conference calls these people can be installed to translate documents and recordings.

Of course, it is a requirement for this job to read, write and speak more than one language fluently. In general, you will find the most work if you master the Spanish, French or Chinese language. However, the more difficult the language, the higher the demand for it. In addition, there are often strict deadlines, but you can always refuse when it does not suit you.

Expected income : $10, – per hour, and as a translator of technical or scientific documents: up to $30

# 4 Online teacher or tutor

Chegg have been there for many years; students who want to earn an extra pocket money from time to time by supporting fellow students in their learning process, or people who provide homework support in secondary schools. Yet it appears that more and more (busy) families prefer the convenience of online coaching, for example in the field of mathematics or reading.

To join online tutoring jobs, it is of course important that you have enough knowledge of a certain (or different) subject (s) to be able to teach. It is not a requirement that you have experience as a teacher, but most tutor companies do want you to have some degree related to subject.

Expected income : $10, – to $ 35, – per hour, while certified teachers and teachers with an expertise in ( advanced) mathematics can ask more.

# 5 Interview writers

It is often impossible for journalists and non-fiction writers to write out the thousands of hours of interviews that they have taken. Fortunately, they can record their conversations, and send this audio file to interview writers, so that they can then listen back to the conversation, be able to type it out and send it back.

In order to be able to start as an interview-unsubscribe, it goes without saying that you are quick – and accurate! – can type. In addition, it can also be very useful to have earphones or headphones in your possession, making it easy to follow the interviews.

Expected income : $5, – to $ 30, – per hour

# 6 Data processor

Now that the online storage of files (in so-called ‘ clouds ‘) is conquering the world today, it is a necessity to retrieve old documents from the archive and to enter them into the computer. This is the task of so-called data processors, people who input data, in order to regularly update the archives.

Apart from the most logical ( as a data processor you need a computer), it is also important here that you can type quickly and accurately. Because you are paid per hour, it is important that you are at a certain type level.

Expected income : $ 5, – to $10, – per hour

# 7 Virtual assistant

The task of an assistant is to keep an eye on the calendar of his / her boss, send e-mails and answer, and even arrange personal appointments (doctor’s visits). A virtual assistant does exactly the same, but online (virtual), and can therefore perform work from his / her lazy chair.

As (virtual) assistant it is important that you can keep your head cool, and not bend under  stress; you have to be able to lead the professional life of your boss in the right direction. It is therefore important that you have some administrative experience as well as excellent organizational and time management skills to take multiple jobs to you . Finally, you also have to have a pleasant way of telephoning.

Expected revenue : approximately $ 10, – per hour at an employment agency, to $ 25, – per hour in direct contact with clients, while ‘top’ virtual assisting grafting to $50 – earn per hour

Online (at) jobs as a source of income : yes or no?

Online (additional) jobs such as the above can certainly form a fine source of income. You also run no risk; you will certainly not see your money disappear suddenly as snow in the sun as gambling can be the case.

Yet there are also some hooks and eyes to earn your money through such online jobs. You generally need to have knowledge of a certain subject in order to be able to carry out the work. In some cases this means that you should invest in a new education. In that respect, online jobs can indeed involve a risk (not getting work after that investment) .

In short, online (at) jobs can therefore be useful if you possess the required knowledge. But if you do not have this knowledge, it will be much harder for you to find work in the online job market. Finally: even if you can find a job, it does not mean that this will actually be so pleasant in the long term (little social interaction, reduced motivation, etc.). An ideal source of income is therefore probably not.