5 Effective Ways to Hire a Software Developer

hiring developer

Software companies have to understand that hiring a professional developer is not as easy as hiring employees in different organizations and setups. To hire a developer is not just about creativity and how technical the developer can be but it’s more about how comfortable and reliable can the developer be for the company.

What is more important and critical to the process of hiring a software developer is to let go of the old policies and steps of Human Resources. Here are a few steps to take into consideration when hiring a software developer for your organization.

Take time:

Take all your time when you’re looking to hire a software developer. You don’t have to post an advertisement and expect that after a few days of the post, you’ll have the perfect candidate to be hired as your employee.

That is not just outdated but this concept is wearing out owing to the tough competition in the market. Taking time will ensure that you have utilized all your measures to determine the best candidate.

When taking your time, you have to assess the candidates on how well they can perform in the organization. Rushing towards and putting yourself in a state of emergency to pick the most efficient candidate is not going to be the right choice for your organization in the long run.

Even if by any means you manage to land on the ideal candidate that you find suitable for your organization, chances are that is going to be very unlikely, and the apparent aura of being the ideal candidate might wear off in a couple of weeks or months.

To guarantee that you have chosen the right candidate, you have to find out their skills and abilities to see how efficient and smart they can be. Interviewing alone cannot get the job done. The candidates should be given a test project or put on a trial for a few days. That way, the ideal candidate will struggle to stand out amongst all the other candidates.

Aim for talent, not commitment:

“Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?” is the question we have all heard in the interviews. The answer should not always commit loyalty towards the organization because everybody nowadays knows the answer to that, which is showing off and pleading loyalty. For developers that should not be the case.

Software developers must be given the full freedom to choose their platform for times to come. One thing that has notably been the fault of HR is hiring committed people. Committed people tend to stay in the organization and they might prove to be toxic for the organization in the worst-case scenario.

On the other hand, a compassionate and able employee can be beneficial to the organization, but it is foremost essential to rely on their excellence and liberty than their loyalty.

If the talent pays off and the developer is keen on working for the organization for years to come, that settles the question of commitment to the organization.

Take into consideration the attitude:

Charm and charisma are good for the employee on a personal basis. Should that trait overlaps the team morale and ethics; it could prove to be disastrous for the team and people in the organization. A team should be built on mutual respect and tolerance.

If someone in the team proves himself/herself to be beyond the team because of the looks, traits, and charisma, that person might not prove to be the team player and is better off independent than being put in an organization.

In simple words, developers with attitude and excessive pride may seem attractive and charismatic at first but in the long run they can prove to be toxic for the whole organization.

Designation of the developer:

The developer’s designation should be clear and obvious; that the developer is being hired to code and not to offer their services in the administration or other parts of the organization. A developer should be utilized for the skills they are offered and nothing more than that.

This is also true due to the fact that developers are people who specialize in coding and mastering soft wares. They are not likely to be efficient in administrative positions unless they have had experience in both fields.

Experience in Open Source:

Open source is a great way to gain experience as far as software development goes and should always be put forward to the candidates. Open Source ensures that the candidate in question is dedicated to the development of coding and not just for its profit of it.

Open Source gives an insight into how much a developer’s work is available to other developers and how much their work has been appreciated in the developing community.

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