Different Ways In Which Enterprises Can Use WhatsApp Business

In today’s world, we cannot imagine spending a single day without using WhatsApp. The app has become a valuable part of our daily life. More than 50% of the users use the app at least 20 times a day. With around 55-60 billion messages being sent using the app every day, it is no surprise that WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion users across the globe.

Apart from the general public, many business enterprises are also using the app to interact with their customers directly. The rich interactive features combined with the end to end encryption for data security has made the app a favorite among the users. The developers are strict about the no-ad policy which keeps the platform spam-free.

WhatsApp is free to download and use. There are no in-app purchases and the membership charges have been removed to make the app entirely free to use. Users with a smartphone and an internet connection can use the app.

A survey revealed that as many as 78% of the users prefer to connect with a business using WhatsApp. The app not only allows customers and businesses to directly interact with each other but also provides a way to share multimedia easily which is not possible using the regular SMS feature.

When WhatsApp Business was released for small and medium scale enterprises, many of the large businesses wished for WhatsApp API to help them use the app to communicate with customers. Though the additional features of WhatsApp Business helped enterprises use the app effectively for communication and promotion, the same could not be said for large businesses. This was because the vast volume of customer base could not be handled using the app or a web application.

The developers of the app released WhatsApp API in selected markets and fulfilled the wish of large scale businesses. Many top brands are now requesting early access to WhatsApp Business API using the WhatsApp Gateway Service provided by the cloud platform providing companies.

By connecting the system and database of the enterprise with the API, businesses can use the cloud platform to send and receive messages on WhatsApp. Enterprises will first need to download the app on their mobile phones using a valid phone number. Once they register the number with the app and create an account, the enterprises can then opt for API integration services.

The cloud platform service providers offer a reliable and secure platform to use the app. They provide 24*7 technical support and guarantee 99.9% uptime and system redundancy to ensure that the messages are sent to users without delay.

Monitoring the message traffic, load balancing, and providing role-based access control are some of the services offered by the companies.

WhatsApp Business can be used in many ways to stay in touch with the customers and build a presence among the target audience. The following features help enterprises in providing better customer service and increase sales.

Smart Messaging Tools

WhatsApp Business allows enterprises to respond faster to customers’ messages. An automated message is a tool that allows enterprises to set welcome greetings, send thank you notes, set working timings, inform customers about non-working hours or inability to respond immediately, etc. Quick Replies is another messaging tool that allows enterprises to save replies for FAQs and send them to users with a single click. The messages can be reused, which saves time as representatives do not have to type the same answers every time.

Messaging Statistics

The statistics feature allows enterprises to check the number of messages sent, read, and received by them. WhatsApp also has a grading system where enterprises using the app are ranked based on the response rate of the customers. For large scale businesses, the massage statistics can be accessed through the dashboard provided by the WhatsApp Gateway  Service providing companies. The statistics will help enterprises in analyzing their messaging and marketing strategies and making the necessary changes to achieve the required results.

Business Profiles

Creating a business profile on WhatsApp will enable enterprises to reach a wider range of the audience. Users can see additional information about the business in the profile and ask for more information about the products and services.

Global Connectivity

WhatsApp has a presence in more than 180 countries throughout the world. Enterprises can reach users who are in any geographical location by using the app. As long as enterprises are careful about the difference in time zones and do not send messages to users at odd times, the app can be used as an effective tool for marketing and promoting the brand.

WhatsApp Business allows enterprises to get their business accounts verified for greater visibility among the users. A verified account has a green tick beside the name of the enterprise and assures users that the business is authentic.