Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Recently

Social media becomes a passion of youth nowadays. Facebook is most popular social media platform is being used all over the world. Mostly youngsters spend their most time on this site while scrolling news feed of stalking someone’s profile.

A question comes to mind of every Facebook user i.e. Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Recently? We always try to give you very interesting tricks and tips. In this post, we are showing you a very interesting trick that will give you the answer to the question Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Recently.

Most of you have some silent lovers who have really crush on us but they don’t express their feelings. It might be one of them. You will find many paid software for this purpose but we the all are fake and just for sake of money. So don’t believe any of the links that claim you can search for your profile visitor using any software.

In this post, I am going to show you this amazing trick just using your browser. Steps are given follows.

1. Login To Your Facebook Profile:

Open the browser on your computer or laptop. Open the official website off Facebook and enter your Facebook id and password and then hit the enter button to Log Into your profile.

2. Open “Page Source”

Page source is a coding page of a web page where the source code of a web page is given. To open Page Source of a web page, right click on any place of the web page and click on view page source in options. There is also a short key to open page source i.e. “Control+U”

3.  Find “activelist”

When you will open the source page of your profile, you will view a page full of codes and tags including text. It will be very difficult for a common person to understand this code. You just press the ctrl+f button and a small find box will be arrived on right up corner of the page i.e. find the box. In find box type “activelist” and hit the enter button. The text you searched will be highlighted by color.

finding a worn on werbpage

4.  Find Number Next To Highlighted Text

There will be hundreds of numbers in front of the text you searched. Copy the first number of them. Open a New Tab, Type web.facebook.com/Copied_Number and Press Enter.
Note: Type copied number instead of Copied_Number

word on webpage source code

In result, the Facebook profile appeared will be the profile of the required person about whom you were thinking the question Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Recently?