The Psychology Behind Why Viral Content Performs Well


A lot of people hate viral content, but most of the time you can’t control yourself to read that curious oriental information. Viral content touches the deep curiosity that exists in us, but we are not aware of it.

It’s the reason Facebook has infinite scrolling because you are curious about what would be the next post, meme or video.

It seems awkward, but it happens in the conscious or sub-conscious level of your brain, but you know not. The same tactic being used in Blue Whale Game and your sheer curiosity tries to manipulate you.

There is another thing that our brain loves that is the reward system. Have you played Subway Surfer? You’re constantly being awarded golden coins by which you can buy other things from that game.

We are so curious and emotional, and great markers take advantage of this vulnerability of our brain.

You know the advantage of Buzzsumo that you can find the best content on your keyword, and the same tactic you can use to find the best articles on your keyword.

I use Buzzsumo to discover the killer title that can touch the hearts. You don’t need a credit card to use; it’s free for 25 searches.

According to the latest research done by Buzzsumo after analyzing 100 million headlines, it was noted that these words brought the most engagement when they are used in the title:

You can read the comprehensive research

Now you might be thinking about what the difference between value and quality is?

Be precise, Aamir! Okay! Viral content is not of quality. You believe, and I believe. It is not evergreen that can stand the test of the time. But it gives value to the users.

But how? Because Psychology Assignment Writing helps people to pass their time well like social media, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, and Snapshot.

It is not of the quality because it doesn’t always contribute to getting the knowledge of something new that you usually get from an informational article like “How to Install Windows 10 with Rufus in 20 Minutes.”

But the quality content is all about evergreen that can stand the test of the time.

Like I explained a few days ago about the keyword “How to Learn SEO,” the first result of Moz has only 142 words, but it’s ranking for the first position because interlinking gives ranking because it becomes more than 29,000+ word article when the content of the internal linking is combined.

But it’s up to you. If you’re a regular visitor of Propakistani, it keeps a balance between viral and evergreen content. Many people comment there; they hate it mainly due to the clickbait titles.

But I prefer ever-green articles, but when I see a trending topic, I try my best to be neutral both side to get the best engagement.