What is the Windows 10 Taskbar And How To Use It

Wanna know what the task manager is on your Windows 10 computer? Well, in this guide we are going to cover everything under the sun on what is the task manager in your Windows 10 computer and how you can use it to troubleshoot errors.

What is the task manager

The task manager was initially released by Microsoft with the “Windows NT 4.0” and has been in all the versions of Windows ever since.

It is a special program where it gives you data about various aspects of your computer. Such as the CPU load, the processes running in the background (as in all the programs or applications that are running in your computer) or the number of users in your computer etc.

You will see the applications which you use the most listed in your task manager. And the resources they take. As in how much percentage of your CPU an application takes or the memory it takes etc.

This isn’t a program which you would want to use on a daily basis. But instead, the task manager is often used to troubleshoot various Windows errors.

Uses of the task manager

Well, in most case scenarios people use the task manager to check the percentage of the resources a particular application is taking.

And if it takes a large percentage of your CPU or your memory then you might want to consider deleting it or delete other applications you don’t need.

The task manager of your Windows 10 computer can be used for various different purposes. One of its main goals is to fix the Windows 10 black screen of death.

And also the task manager can be used to troubleshoot various different errors that may occur to Windows 10.

How to access the task manager

There are four main ways to access the task manager of your Windows 10 computer.

  • The first way is through your taskbar. All you do is right click on your taskbar and then click on “Task Manager”.
  • The second method is by pressing your Control and Alt and Delete keys simultaneously. And then you will open up another menu. There you will see the “Task Manager” option available. All you do is click on that and you’ll enter the task manager of your Windows 10 computer.
  • The third way is by searching “task manager” in your Windows 10 search box and you will see it appear.
  • The fourth way is by pressing your Control and SHIFT and Esc key simultaneously. Then you will see your task manager open up.


So in this guide, we have given you a basic tour of what is the task manager in your Windows 10 computer. And how you can access this program and use it.

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