World Health Day 2021: Everyone Should Get Top Level Health Care


What would you choose: health or money if you caught a goldfish and could make one wish come true? There is only one correct answer to being healthy. You can earn a living while having money without health you won’t be happy. Health is the most important thing every person should take care of. Unfortunately, today, in the age where the financial well-being is number 1 goal, it becomes more and more difficult to provide the necessary healthcare policy. However, there are a lot of organizations, which are ready to provide appropriate assistance in the health level improvement.

Since school children have been taught that all people have equal rights. One of them is the right to high-quality medical help, which must be free of charge for certain groups of people. “Health for everyone, everywhere”- This is the slogan of World Health Day 2021. This is a holiday, which is more important than other celebrations as its aim is to raise social awareness about drug addiction among students and improve the well-being level all over the world.

You maybe even a student writing quality custom essays on a health topic, which contains significant research that can be used by humanity in the future. Every person may contribute to the improvement of the current situation. It is not obligatory to be a representative of authorities to make a worthy contribution to the health coverage.

How is the International Health Day Celebrated?

This year it will be the 70th celebration of the WHD, which got a status of the worldwide holiday in 1948. April 7, the World Health Organization, together with other organizations, performs the role of sponsors of this vital holiday, which is much more than just a great pastime for everybody.

Every year, a celebration is devoted to a specific theme. Sure, the global topic is the same, but every time the attention of people is drawn to a certain issue. Last year it was devoted to the negative impact of depression on life in general, as well as the best ways to fight depressive condition successfully.

The main idea of this celebration is to help people realize how much health matters and how important it is to maintain it doing the best for your own well-being and everyone’s you can assist in any possible way. All this information is presented in the form of interesting lectures, seminars, free consultations of specialists. “A sound mind in a sound body” should be the motto of every human being and the main holiday aim is to remind people of this.

This day was created to remind the public about the importance of healthy lifestyle maintenance regularly. Today more than 50,000 different diseases are known to medicine, and most of them successfully respond to treatment. It is much easier to prevent the development of diseases than to treat them. Through the holiday, the goal of carrying out regular preventive works is conveyed to mankind. By tradition, many educational events are held on this day.

Volunteers distribute agitation products in the form of leaflets, which are also sent to state enterprises and educational institutions. Famous celebrities record videos, drawing public attention to certain issues and urging everyone to undergo scheduled examinations immediately seeking for help from specialists in case of illness. On this day, charity events are actively held. In many cities, physical training is conducted under the guidance of professional sportsmen. Everyone everywhere can make a change. Why not start with your own active and healthy lifestyle being an example for others?

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What is the Major Aim of World Health Day 2021?

A lot of people can’t wait until they see April 7 on a calendar. What to expect from the health awareness day this year? This time the goal is to hook the attention of the world leaders who can help in the realization of all innovative programs. Every person has the right to get top quality medical care everywhere, especially this refers to those categories of people who can’t afford using private health care. This year the key aspects of the campaign will be focused on real steps that must be taken by countries in order to provide everyone with top-level health care.

The main idea of the organization is to support countries in their work directed to the protection of every person’s equal rights to get the best possible level of health. All countries must guarantee the fulfillment of obligations concerning public health strengthening. There are people who think that they can do nothing to improve the healthcare level as they don’t have money and status. This is a common misconception. Every person on the Planet should take little steps, which will definitely lead to a better level of well-being.

How Can NatureHood Contribute to Your Health?

NatureHood is a wonderful project that has appeared with the aim to help people understand that a human can’t exist without interaction with nature. There is a strong connection that should always be maintained. The better the condition of our environment, the healthier a human being. “Health for all,” as WHD proclaims, can be achieved only if every member of society does his or her best on the way to health improvement. If everyone is good to the planet, the planet will be good for every human.

Joining a friendly team of nature lovers, you can improve your health significantly, spending more time outdoors.  The fresh air and constant movement are of the utmost importance for both the physical and mental health of every child and adult. Unfortunately, many people lead a sedentary way of life having forgotten that the key to health is being in nature as often as possible.

NatureHood provides a great opportunity to improve the situation by connecting to nature. Kids can play outdoors while their parents are busy with the volunteer activities intended to contribute to global well-being. Start discovering nature with NatureHood and you will see how many benefits you can enjoy if connecting with nature yourself and taking your children outside.