Zeus Panda Banking Panda Gets Creative With Its Strategy

Zeus Panda Banking

The hackers have become quite innovative and industrious these days. In fact, the developers of this ransomware and trojans have become so much tech-savvy that they are well aware of the techniques that they can use for luring the gullible users. Akin to Zeus Banking malware that went popular in the past, the Zeus Panda banking trojan injects itself into the victim’s computer and steals the banking information from their devices.

The virus has been observed to be propagated through the use of exploit kits. You may also find the malware being distributed through the adult website links, spam emails, and social networking sites. The malware is so powerful enough that it can even affect the bank accounts that use the advanced security systems like two-factor authentication.

The malware even distracts the users and masks every indication that can point out to the illegal transaction. This can be the best technique as for the hackers as anyone who has affluent wealth would not ever find out that their bank account is being liquidated.

The malware was first detected in Brazil in 2021 at the time of the Olympic Games. Once it infects your system, it performs a wide range of system changes and stays inside your system undetected by the strongest AV protection. The evasion techniques employed by the malware are so diverse that it is quite difficult to detect its presence.

Thee Zeus Panda can perform a huge range of attack options that would include keylogging, a man in the middle attack, and form grabbing. This diverse attack techniques can make it one of the most dangerous viruses and can seriously affect your financial accounts.

For unknown reasons, the malware will not install itself on your device if the keyboard language is set to anyone among Russian, Belarussian, Ukranian, or Kazakh. Once it installs itself on the victim device, it checks for the installed languages and aborts the further installation if it finds the device has any off these languages installed.

The right option to get rid of the malware would be to use a powerful ransomware protection service. ZoneAlarm should be one of the best options to protect your device from being affected. Given the fact that the virus stays undetected even with the strongest anti-virus protection, it would be essential to install the right solution that can help you get the best possible protection.

The major areas that the tool attempts to affect would include stealing the login information and generating fraudulent transactions. It can find the financial details from the accounts and profiles like bank accounts, social media accounts, and any other online accounts. The virus can even intercept the incoming website traffic and modify the content of the websites.

Removing Zeus Panda can be quite complicated, and experts believe that the use of an extremely powerful malware and ransomware fighting service would be recommended for better results. It opts for several evasion and obfuscation techniques and thus attempts to evade the elimination at every cost. What makes it much difficult to remove it is the fact that it stays inside the computer without being detected. It is not without anything that the ransomware has been found to be one of the most dangerous and evasive of all the malware attacks combined.

The fact that banking trojans have an ability to install additional ransomware and other infections into your system, it may be necessary to take precautions to address the timely removal of these malware attacks. In fact, these can even affect the systems beyond the banking industry and steal credentials or modify other systems that may include industrial control systems.