5 Useful Car Accessories That You Really Need


I remember how excited I was to have my first car. It was synonymous with “absolute freedom”, even though the thing had a cassette player. I was loving it due to its amazing cutting edge ford headlight technology in its headlight which decreases scatter loss while driving a car. Years later, I’m always grateful to have something with a motor running, but I mean the incredibly useful car accessories you really need, because you can be sure I still love this Hyundai ‘ 05, the tape recorder and everything. After all, if you do not necessarily have the funds for the new wheels, you can still dress whatever you already have with the best gadgets for the car and the essential accessories of the vehicle.

Whether for safety or entertainment, there are things that any car could use. An impressive gel cushion can make your daily commute much easier (can anyone count on immense comfort?), While a box of Fix-A-Flat and a power bank can handle any situation Emergency ensure that Always safe, prepared and ready for anything thrown at you while you’re on the road. If you’re looking to dress up your car with some of the most interesting and useful car accessories, look no further than these epic devices.

Nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger with Car Finder

Everyone lost their car in a parking lot or forget that where they parked it, and most of them walked shamefully, ringing their keys to try to find their car. This smart car locator and USB charger has two USB ports to charge your phone while you’re in the car (faster than other cigarette lighter chargers, too), and it also works as a Bluetooth tracking device that you can access from your phone to find your car.

Air Vent Smartphone Car Mount

To comfortably see your navigation without making permanent addition to your car, it is a car holder with ventilation and smartphone. It clings to the ventilation holes without any installation, connects to your phone with a super strong magnet and rotates in different ways, so you can see the screen from any angle.

Anti-Slip Car Dash Grip Pad

This 7 “x 5” Silicone Rubber Cushion will keep your phone, keys and spare parts free of sticky residue on your board. Users say things like: “I like this handle panel, it works very well, it has my reading glasses, mobile phone, even the parts! Very tacky but easy to clean, I bought other pads but it’s the best. ”

Key Finder

Now that you have a way to track your car in a crowded parking lot, you need a way to track your keys when they are buried in the laundry room. This Bluetooth tracking tag connects to the keys and syncs with your phone, so you can find them anywhere. The current label is light enough and modern to look amazing overall.

Drive Car Garbage Can

Keep the granola bar packs out of the cup holders forever with this waterproof organizer that can function as a refrigerator. Hang it on the door, behind the seat, or behind the center console, and never allow erasers and the like to find new homes in the corners of your car. This is very useful for long road tours, where frequent garbage stops are rare places, and you prefer not to stock fast food containers at on  your feet.