4Liker | The Best Facebook Photo/Video Auto Liker

Social networks have become very important to the ego of many users who live pending like the air they breathe. Because it is very important that when you publish a state, upload a photograph or share a phrase of any famous personality you have to top of megastars not to be like a loser. Well, […]

7 Tips for Clicking Perfect Profile Picture For Facebook And Twitter

Want a perfect profile picture for Facebook and Twitter? Follow these tips for clicking a stunning pic on your profile page. 1. Pose With a Natural Happy Look A blissfully happy face with a bright smile is appreciated by one and all. Since your profile pic is square shaped and small the complete focus is […]


3 Facebook Ad Myths You Need To Know Before Starting Advertising

People think Facebook advertising to be a piece of cake. They think that setting up of a fan page is all that is required to make it big. But the story behind it is pretty contrasting to the previous thought. Advertising on Facebook does require some hard work. In the same way that you would build a […]


5 Tips for Creating an Advertisement for Facebook

You, probably, have already done advertisement of business on Facebook and now, you are having inklings to put up an ad on Facebook. Isn’t it? It isn’t always the way it looks. Social media marketing is no piece of cake rather it is a herculean task! Face it –people don’t go on Facebook to empty their pockets. […]


How To Share Facebook Posts On Twitter In Easiest Way

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media networks in the world. People share their moments on these networks for their memories. Sharing posts on Facebook and Twitter at the same time is no more a challenge that requires a third-party application. You can easily post your Facebook updates to your twitter account without […]


How to Share Tweets on Facebook In Easiest Way

Sharing stuff on social media networks, be it your birthday party photos or employee requirement ads for a larger audience exposure has become even easier with the Twitter app which allows you to share the information or query in two networks at a time. This means the app connects to your Facebook profile and ones […]


10 Tips To Know How to Safe Posting on Facebook Profile

You have to be careful on posting in social network sites such as Facebook because another user can see your posting on that. I got some tips for you to safe posting on the social network: 1. Remember You’re Not the Only One Who post Facebook allows anyone of Your friends to do anything with […]


How To Unblock Someone On Facebook On PC And Mobile

Facebook has become the most popular social media network in the world. As you know sometimes people can be extremely annoying on this site. But to solve this problem, luckily, there is an easy solution for this, that is the option of blocking that Facebook user. By using this option you can restrict that user […]


How To Download Facebook Albums In Single Click Easily

Facebook has become one of the most popular social media sites on the internet. People from all over the world use it regularly and spent their hours of time on it. Sharing their photos and memories has become the routine of their life. There are some tools that allow downloading Facebook albums in just a […]


How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently?

So, you are looking to permanently delete your facebook account. You might be having million of reasons to do so. You might have stated hating Mark Zuckerberg for making you sick of getting request and invitation for candy crush, Farmville, Coaster Ville, other games available there on Facebook and the new pages being created by […]


How To Download Video From Facebook Without Using Any Software

How to download video from Facebook is the most popular question of Facebook users nowadays. Facebook is now getting more popular among the people from different across the world rapidly. Facebook users are sharing a lot of stuff every day on Facebook such as Pictures, Videos etc. Facebook videos are getting viral more than images […]

Get Facebook Unfriend Notification When Someone Unfriend Or Block You

There are hundreds of websites, Groups, and Pages on Facebook claiming they will show you who unfriends you, but they’re just trying to scam you. There only a few tools by using them you can know who had unfriend you on Facebook. Here I am introducing a very interesting and helpful Android app tool that […]