How To Prevent Others To Tag You On Facebook

Everyone has one, that Facebook friend who will not stop with the constant stream of Facebook status updates. That kind of friends not only continuously uploads the post on Facebook but also post/tag on others timeline to get more impressions and likes. But this is irritating for those who are facing these tags due to continuous notifications. […]

How to Hide Friends On Facebook From Others

If your Facebook account privacy is public, your details are available for everyone to see them. If you are a privacy-minded person, you may want to consider changing your settings. Facebook allows users to keep their friend’s list from getting displayed to visitors to their profiles who they don’t know. But most of the people […]

How To Hide Phone Number on Facebook

Facebook is almost world’s largest social networks, with over a billion of people, are using it. The privacy policy of Facebook is not too much maintained. If a curious person or a  stalker wants to tease you, then he can easily do it by finding your contact number from your Facebook profile and then he […]

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Recently

Social media becomes a passion of youth nowadays. Facebook is most popular social media platform is being used all over the world. Mostly youngsters spend their most time on this site while scrolling news feed of stalking someone’s profile. A question comes to mind of every Facebook user i.e. Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Recently? We always try […]