How to Trade in Your Apple Product

Apple is one of the most popular and trustworthy brands in the market. Its technology and reliability are the amalgamations that attract customers to the brand. The company is always working towards a sustainable world which is why it has come up with a trade-in program so that it can ensure to reduce of e-waste […]


4 Best Backup Software for Mac {Free}

OS X is a robust and secure operating system. However, this does not prevent you from accidentally deleting some important file or that your hard drive fails the day you least think. In order to anticipate future problems, the simplest and most effective step is to use top free backup software for MAC to make […]

Find Out Common Mac Errors And Ways To Fix Them

It hardly happens that your Mac is going to start troubling overnight. Most of the time, it begins with pop-up messages and warns against troubleshooting. But users’ negligence always keeps on avoiding such alarms. Later on, the problem took the shape of the biggest issue that can affect your Mac’s application, documents, or even affecting […]

The mechanism to Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to Mac

Having a loaded phone may put an unavoidable impact on your device. The impact can be seen as low- processing speed, more functioning time, freezing, crashing, and occupying more storage space, etc. This situation arises when you have filled your phone with enormous data in the form of music files, videos, and other large files. […]

10 Essential iPhone 8 Tips and Tricks

Apple released their latest iPhone, the iPhone 8 last September. It is one of the best phones around right now. Of course, iPhones have always been popular, which is easy to see when you click here and view the history of the iPhone. Since 2007, new iPhones have taken over the mobile phone world, and it hasn’t […]

Apple iPhone 7 | Price South Africa | – Incredible Resistance to Water and Dust

As technology advances, mobile devices will, too, and with more impressive features and functions than older phones. In Gorilla Phones, they have one of the best mobiles, most purchased worldwide by thousands of people. In this store, you will have the opportunity to buy the device of your dreams and at an affordable price. The APPLE […]


How to Fix iOS 12 System Storage Bug | Pro Guide

How to Fix iOS 12 System Storage Bug Methods to Free Up iPhone Storage Following are some other methods to free up iPhone storage: 1. Restart the Device Restarting the device is a simple yet effective solution to fix high iPhone storage usage. A restart cleans up RAM and also clears cache and other data […]


Guide for iCloud Activation Lock Removal for all models of iPhones

The protective feature that all models of iPhones have, though useful, sometimes is not necessary. This is the case because it is constantly enabled, and sometimes when users want to disable it, they don’t know how to do that. Here is a guide with instructions about how you can disable the iCloud Removal by yourself. […]


Top 5 Best Offline Music Apps for iPhone

iPhone users mostly face the problem of streaming music offline as online streaming drain lots of battery and of course, you are not sure that every time your internet connection is strong enough to enjoy smooth music. The best way to never run out of music is by going through the offline option of streaming. […]


Pretty Amazing Things Your iPhone Can Do

After the release of the iPhone, the internet went all crazy as everyone wondered about the possibilities of the new Siri virtual assistant. But it goes without mentioning that, there are many amazing things your current iPhone can already do, that is if you have the appropriate applications. Below is a list of some of […]


How to Increase iPhone Battery Life And Timing

One of the most annoying thing and I am sure all cell phone users irrespective of the brand will agree with me is having a phone with low battery all the time. And iPhone users are no different. Especially when you are about to close a really important deal while on the move. It makes […]


Best 5 iPhone Applications You Must Install

After the coming into the market of new apple iPhone, I think it is the time that we take a look at the best 5 iPhone applications once again, to see which ones have gained more grounds, and which ones have been left in the background. Over years of creation and new releases of the […]