How to Trade in Your Apple Product

Apple is one of the most popular and trustworthy brands in the market. Its technology and reliability are the amalgamations that attract customers to the brand. The company is always working towards a sustainable world which is why it has come up with a trade-in program so that it can ensure to reduce of e-waste at the same time.  For finding the estimated price, you just need to click over here.

While you look over upgrading your product, it makes it easier if you can exchange your previous gadget with the new one. It hurts no one to save a little money and productively invest that money. You can trade in your apple gadget to help you do that job. You can easily exchange your previous gadget for instant credit which you can use to buy a modern item. Let’s have a look over how you can Trade-In your gadget.

All you need to know about the Trade-In program

As you know, you can effectively exchange your older devices for credit to buy a new one. You can do that at the convenience of your home or the stores. Apple also offers to complete the giveaway process at the convenience of your home, right on your doorstep. If you wish to exchange your gadget at the store, you can simply go to your nearest Apple showroom, the customer executive will help you out. It is that simple, all you need to do is to reach out to the company.

There might be many questions about why and how’s for which you can find in this article. To start in with trading your device you can reach out to the Apple Trade-In page. You can find the details over there, by answering a few about the condition and quality of your current device so that the company can efficiently describe the estimated value of your product, which will later be converted into instant credit.

As soon as you confirm the order, the courier sent by the company will confirm the time and date of the delivery of your new purchase and the pick-up of your exchanged product. If you have already paid the total amount of your new purchase, the office will settle it down and apply for the credit towards your purchase.

There is a chance that the estimated price can differ from the actual price. You don’t need to worry about that as the company will adjust the amount accordingly for you. You can also prefer to trade-in your Apple product and not purchase another product immediately as in such cases, the office will provide you a gift card which you can use anytime you wish to make that purchase

Before sending your item back with the courier you have to make sure that it is ready for exchange. It is necessary because the company would need to check whether your previous device works fine or not by doing a diagnostic test. For that, you need to make sure you have covered the following steps.

  • Make sure to make a backup of your device.
  • Check whether your iPhone can access the internet.
  • Turn off the “Find my iPhone” feature of your iPhone.

After that, you have to get your verification done. The courier sent by the company will inspect the condition of your phone. There are a few things that will be checked:

  • The screen and back glass with the condition of your lenses and their functionality.
  • The storage capacity of your device.
  • Performance speed and the ability to connect to the internet
  • Other functionality of your phone

Once it gets approved you will have to initiate the factory reset feature before handing off your iPhone. Once that is done your exchange will be completed and you will get your new iPhone. If something doesn’t work out and the inspection finds some loopholes in the condition of your phone you will have to give the extra amount to the courier to receive your new device.

All of the aforementioned steps will help you exchange your previous gadgets efficiently. You just need to make sure that the condition of your device matches the expectation of the company so that the trade-in doesn’t fail. Read this post to know if the store itself offers cash-back on buying new Apple gadgets: https://www.quora.com/Do-Apple-stores-give-trade-in-cash-off-new-iMac-purchases

You can also compare the company’s products before buying. This will help you make your purchase more efficient.