5 Useful Plugins Every Marketer Should Implement in WordPress

For many marketers and business owners, WordPress is a favorite because of its very intuitive environment and its ability to be open to add functions through plugins. This has made it easy for digital marketers to work on the SEO aspect of their online marketing efforts. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced marketer, […]


How to Eliminate Render Blocking JS & CSS in Above the Fold Content

Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content. You may have seen this line in Google Speed test for web pages. Render Blocking Javascript What renders blocking really means, Render means loading, so if a javascript is render-blocking, it means that the javascript is keeping the page from loading. Google recommends removing javascript that interferes […]


Best Ways to Leverage Browser Caching in WordPress

What is Leverage Browser Cache If you tested your website speed in Google Web page speed test, it will show Leverage browser caching option like,   Consider Fixing: Leverage browser caching Browser loads website logo, CSS and other important files, if visitor opens another page in your website, the browser automatically load logo and CSS files […]


Best Ways to Enable GZIP Compression in WordPress

Speed Up your WordPress website with Gzip compression. Save Bandwidth and increase website speed simply by enabling compression with GZIP.This can be done through .htaccess file and other ways also. GZIP Compression Compress HTML and CSS with GZIP to save file size up to 90 percent. Which results in your website page load fast. Moreover, you […]


WordPress Security with .HTACCESS File | Secure Your Blog

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS with over 60 % market share. WordPress is a powerful blogging CMS but what about security ?, some thousands of WordPress websites getting hack by hackers. Here learn how to Protect and Secure your WordPress website with .htaccess file. WordPress website hacked what to do next, here WordPress […]


How to Automatically No follow All External Links in WordPress

According to Google for un trusted content and Paid links use rel=”nofollow” tag.This means that Google does not transfer Page Rank or anchor text to no follow external links. Automatically no follow all external links with wordPress plugin .Alternately, to do this, paste the following code in your WordPress theme’s functions.php file. No follow link […]


What is WordPress? Everything You Need To Know

In recent times, websites and blogs seem to be the trendy wave in the Information, Communication and Technology world. Almost everybody owns a bog now or wants to own one. Interestingly, a very huge percentage of these people who own a blog or website make use of WordPress. In fact, about 80 million blogs and […]