What is WordPress? Everything You Need To Know

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In recent times, websites and blogs seem to be the trendy wave in the Information, Communication and Technology world. Almost everybody owns a bog now or wants to own one.

Interestingly, a very huge percentage of these people who own a blog or website make use of WordPress. In fact, about 80 million blogs and websites make use of WordPress in some form with over 44,000 available WordPress useful plugins having been downloaded more than a billion times.

So, yeah. WordPress is a really big deal in the ICT world today.

Of course, just like it is with any other popular things in the world today, there are bound to be some misconceptions and confusion with this Content Management System. But not to worry, we will discuss and explain to you; everything you need to know about WordPress design and development in this article.

1. What is WordPress?

In simple terms, WordPress is a Content Management System that provides a platform for website and blog developers to build and maintain a website without necessarily having any coding knowledge. With the WordPress software, you will be able to customize just about all the aspects of your website.

2. WordPress Does a Lot More Than Just Blogging

A lot of people are of the conception that WordPress is just all about blogging and nothing more. However, the truth is that, beyond blogging which many people know the platform for, it actually does have quite a number of other amazing features. In fact, there are many WordPress sites that do not even make use of its blogging feature. More details can be read on this WordPress review.

3. All Types and Sizes of Websites Can Use WordPress

Again, many people think that WordPress is only designed to suit only small websites with a few pages and maybe blog. But then again, there are adequate WordPress sites to fit all types and sizes of websites. From websites with just one page to sites with even up to a hundred pages.

4. WordPress is SEO Friendly

One area of importance in the development of websites is Search Engine Optimization. It is quite important to ensure that the website you create is optimized for search engine results as this would determine its visibility to web searches. The good news is that WordPress is SEO friendly, meaning that the websites you build on the platform will be search engine optimized. However, for better results, it is wise to make efforts to advance the optimization of your website.

It is very clear that in modern times, WordPress is a big force to reckon with. If you do not know about this Content Management System yet, you are missing out on a lot. These points listed above will surely answer your basic questions about WordPress.

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