(Latest) Download WP Fastest Cache Premium Free

WP Fastest Cache Premium Free Download

WP Fastest cache is a useful WordPress plugin that helps users to optimize their site or blog. This plugin creates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog. When a page is rendered, PHP and MySQL are used. Therefore, the system needs RAM and CPU.

If many visitors come to a site, the system uses lots of RAM and CPU so the page is rendered so slowly.
In this case, you need a cache system not to render the page again and again. The cache system generates a static HTML file and saves. Other users reach to static HTML page.

1. Specs & Features of WP Fastest Cache Premium

  1. Generating Static HTML Files
  2. Minify Html (decreases the size of the webpage)
  3. Minify CSS (Decreases the size of CSS files)
  4. Enable Gzip Compression – Reduce the size of files sent from your server & Increase the speed
  5. Leverage browser caching – Reduce page load times for repeat visitors
  6. Combine CSS (Combining multiple CSS resources into one, and reduce HTTP requests.)
  7. Combine JS Into one file and Reduce Load Time
  8. Disable Emoji (Remove the emoji inline CSS and wp-emoji-release.min.js)
  9. Render Blocking Js (Remove render-blocking JavaScript)

2. Setting Of Wp-Fastest Cache

Set WP Fastest Cache Plugin in the following way.

WP Fastest Cache

3. Download WP Fastest Cache Premium

Note: You can update plugin to the new version. Keep in mind it is a premium version, not any cracked or nulled, so feel easy to use it on your WordPress blog.

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