5 Useful Plugins Every Marketer Should Implement in WordPress

5 Useful Plugins wordpress

For many marketers and business owners, WordPress is a favorite because of its very intuitive environment and its ability to be open to add functions through plugins. This has made it easy for digital marketers to work on the SEO aspect of their online marketing efforts.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced marketer, you will find a couple of cool plugins you can add to your WordPress platform to extend its functionalities.

#1 – Just Writing

First of all, we should all agree that the current SEO trend is providing valuable content. It should be the kind of content that will both be interesting and relatable to your audience.

So, it is important that when you are creating content, there should be no distractions so that you can focus on providing the best quality content. Using WordPress’ built-in text editor provides a lot of functions and features. However, it could be distracting.

The DFWM or the Distraction-Free Writing Mode of WordPress may not be that helpful because it took away some of the most helpful features when formatting the content. With Just Writing, a WordPress writer can take WordPress DFWM to another level.

When the plugin is activated, it manipulates WordPress’ DFWM and adds a few features that will let the writer do all the writing and formatting in one screen!

#2 – Akismet

There really is no need to install this plugin as it comes as a default when you install WordPress to your website.

Generally, Akismet is a plugin that makes it easy to control and regulate the comments made on your posts. We cannot deny the fact that there are still people who leave spam comments because they still believe in the old ways of SEO. With the right settings in Akismet, you can automatically remove comments that contain spam messages and keep your pages and posts clean with only comments that matter.

#3 – Yoast SEO

Of course, you should not forget this very helpful tool. If you are just beginning in SEO and you want to get a better understanding of what it really is while simultaneously applying it, this is the plugin you should use.

WordPress SEO by Yoast is free and it provides a very intuitive interface, letting the users know the different basic requirements of on-page SEO. It works like a checklist. There is a list of tasks you should do with your page to meet the SEO requirements. As you work through your pages, this plugin will update which requirements have already been made and which are not. This way, you will know what exactly you are missing and you can make the necessary adjustments efficiently.

#4 – Google XML Sitemaps

Today, it is already important that you organize and structure your pages in categories and tags. Moreover, a well-made XML sitemap is what many search engine crawlers prefer.

If you are managing a lot of content, this plugin is the easiest way to generate an XML sitemap for your website so that the crawling spiders of search engines will find relevant information in your website easier.

Moreover, this plugin will also let the search engines know that you have published new content by automatically updating the sitemap and sending a notification to search engines.

#5 – Google Analytics by Yoast

By default, it is still not possible to integrate Google Analytics directly in WordPress. Luckily, Yoast has provided an easy integration system by using API keys. Now, you do not have to get out of the WordPress platform to do your analytics report.

With this plugin, you can measure the performance of your strategies right within WordPress. And, we all know how important measurement and metrics are in SEO and digital marketing as a whole. It is the only way that we can analyze and move forward with the campaigns.

Being able to track the performance and progress of the different tactics and campaigns we release, will let us get an idea which ones are doing well and which are not. Through this, we can retain and reinforce those that are doing well and find other ways to improve those that are not.

Moreover, it will let you know which pages are erratic so you can immediately fix them. Lastly, it will let you have an overview of who your audience is so you can create your next content targeting those that frequently visit your website

This can save every marketer a lot of time and resources!


By far, WordPress might just be the best platform to create websites. Of course, you are free to create yours in other platforms as well. But, just know that WordPress is very intuitive and it can offer a lot of user-friendly functionalities through added plugins. If you are new to online marketing, WordPress is the best way to go as you get the opportunity to learn and apply your knowledge at the same time!