Online Marketing : A Comprehensive Guide to Different Channels

Online Marketing Guide

Online marketing has long overtaken the traditional marketing. The world is changing digitally as more inventions and channels come up. Companies are learning to embrace the culture of marketing to increase their Return on Investment (ROI). Knowing what channels help increase ROI is a great way to ensure your business’s growth.

Digital Marketing Channels Available

Marketing is definitely an aspect of the business that needs to be well-researched. As a business owner, you want your business to thrive and emerge the top in your industry. So what digital channels can you use?

Email Marketing

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

As a marketer, what you want is results. Email marketing has been here for a while, and it still rules. It has the highest click-through rate as well as conversion rates when compared to social marketing.

According to GetResponse, when analyzing social media and email marketing, email has a higher ROI. Mostly People check emails history regularly, but not their news feed. This only shows that if you haven’t started working on your email marketing strategy to boost your sales, the time is now.

Email marketing is a process though; you don’t just dive in and start sending cold emails to potential clients. Have an opt-in on your website where potential clients can sign up to receive your emails. After getting them to do that, you can have a crafted specialized welcome email.

The next series of emails will need to be attention-grabbing to keep your subscribers interested in your products as you convince them to buy them. Personalize each email to each subscriber as this will increase the chances of them opening your email.

Have you heard about the GDPR? GDPR refers to the General Data Protection Regulation endorsed by the European Union. Before hopping into email marketing, you need to familiarize yourself with the GDPR so that you can be compliant.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

A research was done by Pew Research Centre in early 2021 clearly which illustrated the different social media channels most Americans use. Top on the list was YouTube then Facebook with 73% and 68% respectively. Social media has grown with an approximate of 2.46 billion as of 2021.

This number is expected to increase which makes this an excellent platform for marketing your products. Build a network of your preferred audience. Also, join in the conversation such as on Twitter chats that are in line with your business as this helps you gain exposure.

Social Media Marketing can help you with:

All the above are powerful tools that can see your ROI increase while using social media. Ensure that the content you upload is an explicit representation of your business. This could be videos, infographics or how-to content. Know what platforms work well with what. For example, Pinterest is great for visual content.

3.    SEO Tactics

SEO Tactics
SEO Tactics

SEO is probably among the things that help to bring traffic to your site. It also helps your website to rank highly on Google Rankings. Increasing your sites search engine optimization creates awareness of your brand and visibility.

The customer-client relationship is also determined by how you optimize your site. This involves link building: internal and external links.

Your site is what drives the leads and exposes your brand to the world. That is why is it crucial to hire a professional web designer to make your website appealing and SEO agencies like Search Beast – Digital Marketing, and many other sites.

Ensure that the content has the necessary keywords accompanied by quality content for your page to be on Google’s first search page. The content should not be too short or too long, and it should interest the readers such that they visit your site again.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing

Heard about SEM? This is a paid advertising channel through search engines such as Google. Here, ads that you have put up to promote your company will appear when people search specific keywords. Hence, your choice of keywords will determine if they will lead people to your site. Google’s AdWords is an excellent example of a channel for paid advertising.

You can start with a small budget for a few months and monitor the progress. See if your sales will go up or stagnate and decide if it’s the right channel for you.

Blog Marketing


Blog Marketing is another exciting channel to use. In the algorithms Google uses, it prefers having sites that have new content. It is one of the Esential Ranking Factor of SEO. As such, integrating your blog to your website and creating a better blog could help you rank highly.

People will keep coming back if your blog has top-notch content and your content marketing strategies are god which allows you to convince them to purchase the products or services you offer. It is a great platform to grow your business.

Final Words

The above channels are quite helpful. However, not all of them work for your business. Find out what is in line with your objectives and apply them. You will be surprised at how much return you will get if well used avoiding online marketing problems.