How To Share Facebook Posts On Twitter In Easiest Way

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media networks in the world. People share their moments on these networks for their memories. Sharing posts on Facebook and Twitter at the same time is no more a challenge that requires a third-party application. You can easily post your Facebook updates to your twitter account without […]


How to Share Tweets on Facebook In Easiest Way

Sharing stuff on social media networks, be it your birthday party photos or employee requirement ads for a larger audience exposure has become even easier with the Twitter app which allows you to share the information or query in two networks at a time. This means the app connects to your Facebook profile and ones […]

The Best Ways To Find Local Customers With Twitter

You might think that twitter is only a good tool for accessing far-flung markets that you are yet to expand your business or brand into. However, you can effectively use twitter to help build your local client base. Local customers are an excellent way of securing a steady revenue stream and can’t be overlooked in […]


7 Best Twitter Analytics Tools You Should Use For You Business

If your Twitter strategy is key to communicating with your customers, should not you get the most out of it? We give you best 11 tools that will help you to improve the performance of your tweets. Twitter is one of the simplest social networks to use. Interacting with our audience is so simple that […]