The mechanism to Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to Mac

Having a loaded phone may put an unavoidable impact on your device. The impact can be seen as low- processing speed, more functioning time, freezing, crashing, and occupying more storage space, etc. This situation arises when you have filled your phone with enormous data in the form of music files, videos, and other large files. The old stored files may also create duplicates in your device causing more harm to it.

It is always advisable to clean your phone by shifting the files from your device to another supporting device. You may transfer files like photos and videos from your iPhone to the Mac device. This will save your phone from the adversities that are likely to happen. In this article, read more about the procedure to transfer the files and its explained step-by-step guide. Stay joined to understand the simplest way to attain this task.

A step-by-step guide to transferring the files from iPhone to Mac device

You just need to proceed with a simple mentioned procedure that will work great for you. Transferring the old files like music and videos will also eliminate the chances of having any duplicate files on your device. The steps to be followed are:

Via USB port: To transport via iphone Idiskk USB port is one of the easiest and quickest ways to transfer big files. Follow these steps:

  • Connect your iPhone to the Mac system via USB port.
  • If not automatically, then manually open the photos app on your Mac.
  • Search for your iPhone under Devices in the left-hand column and click on it.
  • If required, unlock your iPhone.
  • You will witness thumbnails of the image on your iPhone. You will see a line of “Already imported” and below that “ New Items” that photos have not found in your library.
  • Besides “Import To” there is the feasibility of a dropdown menu that will allow you to choose the location where you want to move your files. You can either add to a new album or in your existing library. It is completely on your will.
  • You may also want to create a new album. For this, select the new album to enter the name and click on the create option.
  • Depending on your choice, decide if you want to import a section of your photo album or your complete album.
  • If you wish to transfer only a few photos then select each photo by clicking on it. Click and drag and a square will appear, just cover the area you want to select with the square, in case if you want to deselect an image just hold the shift key and click on it. Be aware that you do not click on the white space as it will deselect everything and you will have to start everything from where you began. When you are done with everything, click on “Import Selected”.

This is all that needs to be done to free up your phone. This is quite convenient and won’t require much of your time and effort.

The pick away

Clearing your devices such as an iPhone is equally important as any other critical task that you follow regularly. Help your loved ones also with these steps as they may be seeking a helping hand for the same.