Best 5 iPhone Applications You Must Install


After the coming into the market of new apple iPhone, I think it is the time that we take a look at the best 5 iPhone applications once again, to see which ones have gained more grounds, and which ones have been left in the background.

Over years of creation and new releases of the iPhone, the number of apps available for download to your iPhone has increased to well over 2 Million applications. That number is huge, and not all apps are that great for every iPhone user, as we all both use our phones for different purposes.

Some for business, some for playing games, some for education and some just for entertainment and or answering calls, the list is endless. But one thing we can all agree on is that having an iPhone, there are some applications that we all can’t do without.

So without wasting time, let’s take a look at some of the top most apple iPhone applications in various categories


One of the apps that stand out tremendously in the educational domain is Open Culture. With the application, you can literally get an education for free.

It hooks you up to a whole bunch of educational media, ranging from listening to science podcast, take language lessons. You can even take real college courses with this app, and above all, it also enables you to download audio books.

With the Open Culture app, you’ve got it all, and for free. Yes, you heard me right, it is completely free. Cool ah!


Helping to keep you fit and healthy is RunKeeper, an apple iPhone app which uses GPS technology to track your every movement. Whether you are going running, jogging, walking, or riding a bike or a car, this app has all your trajectory information covered.

As it tracks your every move and pace, using GPS. Moreover, data can also be entered manually. That gives you the flexibility of keeping track of your fitness stats while on treadmills or at the local gym.

Using this app on your iPhone will definitely cut down the cost of expensive runners watches and similar gadgets, plus it keeps track of your distance, pace, and calorie expenditure.

Even cooler is the fact that RunKeeper app has its own website where you can upload your data and share it with your friends and family.


One of Apples greatest acquisition in terms of apps, is the Siri application. Acquired by Apple only some years back, it is proven to be the new and favorite virtual assistant of the smartphone industry, only after a few tweaks by Apple.

This app uses voice recognition technology, just like many other older apps, but it has pushed the usability of the technology to limits that no one could have imagined in such a very near future.

While many previous voice recognition software has come and falls short of expectations,  the Siri application has risen above all those short comings and proven to be the best so far as far as voice recognition goes.

It usually recognizes and knows exactly what you are saying and at times even the meaning. Isn’t that amazing. This app has so many cool features that we can’t name them all here.

But generally speaking, if you can get your iPhone to do what you want like making a romantic restaurant reservation just by a command of your voice, isn’t that the greatest thing ever.


Whether you like it or not, even though there are a few apps to choose from when it comes to GPS applications, not all do deliver the results expected. But one thing many have agreed on base on hundred of reviews is that TomTom is one of the best iPhone GPS apps for the moment.

With this app, you can find and locate places, get directions, update map routes, as well as report on traffic delays. What makes it even cooler is that you can get your directions given to you by the voice your favorite celebrity.

Newest to the list of celebrities and assisting you as co-pilot is Homer Simpson. This application stands out among most of the others because it is one of the rare GPS apps available for your iPhone which offers a feature that evaluates your given routes based on real-life driving experience instead of just posted speed limits.

As it does not just takes into account the speed limits, but also consider things like heavy daily traffic period such as rush hours, the number of traffic lights, holiday shopping areas and crowds etc.


-It is true to say that entertainment apps are those that stand out the most and are usually very popular especially among teens and young adults. Nevertheless, at iPhone Tips Blogger, we believe that the best entertainment app is one that also has some kind of education behind it.

And which its sole purpose is not only to entertain but to also educate while entertaining. And to that regard one of the apps that win the first place is the Amazon Kindle.  Bridging the gap between entertainment and education, the Amazon Kindle app has it all. It allows users to download free e-books, free sample of books, bookmark pages and take notes.

What makes the Amazon Kindle app even more outstanding is that it can synchronize with your Kindle Device if you have one. This way you can easily continue on your Kindle device where you left off on your iPhone.

Final Words

After checking out these useful apps for your iPhone also check out one more amazing app called Kodi, basically, it is the way that can turn your traditional TV in the modern one, just all you have to follow some steps about the how to install Kodi For Roku.

In conclusion, if you are a proud owner of the newly released of iPhone, or you are an accustomed user of the iPhone, no matter what your preferences are, these are the Best 5 iPhone Applications you must have. And remember the best thing about it is that they are all free. So go ahead and download your own app now and start enjoying the capabilities of your iPhone.