7 Tips for Clicking Perfect Profile Picture For Facebook And Twitter

Want a perfect profile picture for Facebook and Twitter? Follow these tips for clicking a stunning pic on your profile page.

1. Pose With a Natural Happy Look

A blissfully happy face with a bright smile is appreciated by one and all. Since your profile pic is square shaped and small the complete focus is on your face. So, make sure you click the photo when in a jolly mood. Or you can use online software to enhance to quality of your picture. The best one for purpose is cgproprints it’s super-awesome.

2. Focus On Yourself

Choose something bold and bright for dressing like black, purple, sapphire blues, reds on a neutral background. Use makeup, but lightly just to highlight your best features. Most people prefer to highlight their eyes and lips and it does work.

3. Take Solo Shot

It’s your profile picture so you should be the center of attention. Try taking a solo photo and while doing so do not stand straight. Rather position your body towards the camera.

4. Stylize Yourself

Standing straight with clenched fists works well for passport size photographs meant for resumes. For the Facebook profile, you need to work a bit hard. First, angle your good side i.e. your right or left profile towards the camera. Place your hands relaxed at some angle or hold something like a bag. Position yourself with one foot forward.

5. Go For A Soothing Lighting

Harsh background or foreground lighting brings highlights the minute flaws of your face like wrinkles or spots. A soothing light affair like candles or dim lighting or mood lighting is helpful. And second thing quality of camera really matters.

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6. Size Up Your Picture

Since your Facebook profile picture is small, try taking a snap with head and shoulders and if you have a really nice figure drag it to the waist. Don’t use just the head; it would like a mug shot.

7. Be Confident

While you are critical of your minute defects like the one oversized canine or a slightly more curved eyebrow, the onlookers never notice these insignificant flaws. So be confident and smile from the heart for a beautiful picture.