3 Facebook Ad Myths You Need To Know Before Starting Advertising

Facebook Ad Myths

People think Facebook advertising to be a piece of cake. They think that setting up of a fan page is all that is required to make it big. But the story behind it is pretty contrasting to the previous thought. Advertising on Facebook does require some hard work. In the same way that you would build a reader base for your blog, you need to do a lot of “legwork” when you’re doing online marketing.

Here are three Facebook Ad Myths that many companies believe to be true, but which actually aren’t:

1: A Simple Fan Page Does Not Promise You Fans.

Among the three, one of the biggest myths is that companies think that just by setting up a fan page they can grab all the attention and initiate discussions about their brands. But Facebook advertising requires a lot of “legwork” and it all starts after the fan-page is set up.

Setting up a fan-page is very easy. Simply fill up the important details and the company brand logo. But for a fan page to be successful it requires fans – Facebook users to “like’ your fan page.

How do you let people know that your fan page even exists? So you need to link the address of your fan page to brand’s website and vice-versa. Add the link to your Facebook page to your e-mail signatures. Link your Facebook page on Twitter and in your blogs.

It will also help to build up awareness. You can also gain more fans by posting a targeted ad or by suggesting that your Facebook contacts “like” your fan page.

2: Fans Will Start a Discussion If They Like My Brand.

Your fans won’t start discussing unless there is something to discuss. So the first and foremost thing would be to have some substance on your fan page so that they can talk about it.

Now, the most obvious question – How to do it?

You need to regularly post updates, inform about latest offers, organize polls and hold contests. This would increase the active participation of your fans in fan page. You may also reward the winners for further publicity.

3: Peoples’ Comments About My Brand Are Unimportant.

Brick-and-mortar companies who have their fan pages on Facebook, often do not consider the complaints of their fans and simply shrug it off.

But by such an act, the companies basically lose their publicity since in Facebook everybody can voice their views and their views are read by many people which ultimately decrease the companies’ good-will.

These complainers may not be celebrities and they may not matter to your brand, but their opinion of you will be seen by hundreds of their friends.

The views will in all probability influence their friends’ idea about a brand, person, or entity and it would completely reverse the process of advertisement to a negative one. Thus, pay heed to your fan’s comments and try to work accordingly.


Online advertising is not much different from offline advertising. You need to keep pleasant relationships with your fans as a brand on your fan page. Listen to what they have to say and learn their preferences. Get to know them better. Pick their minds. This will not only help you to expand your brand online but also inculcate ideas which may help to improve your business.