5 Tips for Creating an Advertisement for Facebook

Facebook Advertising
Facebook Advertising

You, probably, have already done advertisement of business on Facebook and now, you are having inklings to put up an ad on Facebook. Isn’t it?

It isn’t always the way it looks. Social media marketing is no piece of cake rather it is a herculean task! Face it –people don’t go on Facebook to empty their pockets. They go there to socialize, make friends and get in contact with relatives.

So while putting up your ad on Facebook it is always to be kept in mind that you are pushing away other objects that interests your target audience. So now, how to prove you’re to be an exceptional?

Here are a few do’s which would help you create a better advertisement on Facebook:

Simple and Short is What it Should Be.

A typical ad on Facebook has a limitation of 135 characters. You can gain attention by pairing an image with a catchy tagline. One hair salon that created an advertisement for Facebook discovered that fielding an edgy and irreverent ad increased its customers by 20 percent.

Make it Exceptional.

The easiest way to make your ad stand out is by adding an image and coupling it with a witty tagline. What they say is true: “A picture is what expresses it beautifully.”

Put up an image that deserves a second look and you’ll get people clicking the “Like” button. Do not put up images that violate Facebook’s policies regarding nudity and explicitness as your ad might get rejected then.


You can make your potential customers thinking by asking them the right questions. Many Facebook marketers have seen better response to their brand by simply questioning.


Facebook has more than 500 million registered users and trying to advertise your brand to them would be a really difficult job. So, channelizing your ad to the people who are interested is very important.

For example, if you’re promoting a new coffee shop, you might want to target people who live in its vicinity. You can also reach out to people who have “liked” or expressed interest in coffee or other coffee brands.

Get Acquainted With Your Audience.

Whether it is a traditional ad or a Facebook ad, the expense for it is inevitable. For example, one restaurant group placed two ads on Facebook—one targeting women and another that targeted both sexes. The advertiser discovered that targeting women enabled them to gain 1,000 new fans in two weeks.

Now, as you have gained a little knowledge about Facebook advertising you should go ahead and try your hand in it. Be it a traditional ad or a Facebook ad, you ought to pay for it despite thinking of its success. Do not be discouraged if it does not turn out to be successful. Learn from your mistakes and add your new found skill to your next ad. Success would then be inevitable.