How to Market on Instagram & Grow Your Account

Market on Instagram

If you are not familiar with social media advertisement then it will definitely come into your mind that how will you do content marketing of your products on Instagram or how will you grow your account. For the last few years, many companies, bloggers, photographers, brands and writers etc marketing and experimenting with their brands on social media mainly on Instagram.

In this article, some tips are mentioned that how you can easily and successfully handle your Instagram account. These tips are written after compiling insights and opinions of Instagram professionals.

Optimize Instagram Account.

The best Instagram account is the one which has a memorable profile picture, compelling bio, and connected website. These things are essential things which you need to set before running an account.  These are the things which people notice and on the basis of which decide whether to follow you or not. It is very important to make a descriptive and compelling bio and you can use emojis as well.

Follow Industry Relevant Accounts.

When you plan to make your own account then you need to visit the relevant Instagram accounts and follow them. By doing this you will be familiar with the trends of the relevant industry. When you follow them and they will follow you back then you will get help in generating an audience.

Find Popular and common Hashtags In relevant Industry.

Use of hashtag is very common and popular on Instagram. These are used for finding new people and new photos.

The population of Instagram s increasing day by day and thousands of hashtags are shared on it. It seems great at first glance. Jason Quey said that check relevant pictures which influencers shared and are related to your niche. Make a list of potential hashtags which are commonly used and then use in your posts

Get Shout Outs from Others.

Nathan chan co-founded an online magazine. This magazine is for entrepreneurs. It is named as Founder. In which the power of influencers is shown. The co-founder of this magazine Nathan Chan, grow his own account from 0 -110k followers within only 5 months. This happened by building strong relationships with bigger accounts and promotes his page on their pages.

Find the famous accounts of your related field and reach them and ask for Instagram shot outs for your page or account and ask how much they will charge you. Make a spreadsheet and highlight the attractive accounts, count their Instagram followers and compare the price they will charge you to Buy followers on Instagram.

Share Your Posts On Instagram Regularly.

It is important to post regularly on Instagram. Your frequent posts will engage the audience. But sometimes it is suggested that do not post too much frequently that it overwhelms the audience and they may unfollow your account. Here’s how to find your unfollowers. There is no fix criterion that how often you need to post. Experiment it and find it with regular posting that which time gap will be suitable to upload a new post.