7 ways to say “I Love You” to your partner on Valentines Day

The February 14 is celebrated Valentine or Valentines Day. That festival that about entrance and other hate because only see it as a business strategy department stores to sell more.

Some will not run out of gift conceive that day and who warn your partner that do not ever buy anything for compromise and prefer to be surprised any other day.

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But what sure nobody rejects February 14 is “I love you”. Of course, that’s a gift that never expires or wear, and to do every day (and every night), but Valentine, with its profusion of hearts and sentimentality in the air, is a good day for express your love to your partner in an original or different.

1) Write her a love letter:

It can also be a blog. Although, if you’re not in many words, you may prefer to make a website or a digital album with your best photos as a couple. You can include inspirational love quotes or poems that express how you feel about him or her.

2) Ask him or her something you’ve never done that you like

Aim find positive emotions and sensations that activity wakes you to your partner as a way to know you better. For example, going to football with him or accompany her to class Latin dance.

Take find thee out of your surroundings and learning why your partner likes to do that, rather than scorn or ridicule your hobby just because you do not attract.

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3) Learn to be quiet:

The advice of psychologists often put much emphasis on teaching couples to discuss or argue, but do not talk enough of how silence or communication through small gestures and casual conversations can also be a wonderful display of love and respect.

Today, if your partner says or does something that wakes you desire to criticize or hurt, practicing the art of a deep breath and count to ten.

4) Partakers in slow sex:

Concédanse time to make love sensuously. Forget the usual routines, expectations and especially to achieve orgasm. Enjoy giving massages throughout the body, the eyes look at you long while breathing to eliminate body tension and let their bodies and their hearts will melt.

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5) Take a day off:

It may be the same February 14 or the next day having no commitment. A day without moving, calendar, social or TV networks. Organize a group plan, whenever relaxed. A picnic on the beach, a walk in the countryside, a meal in a restaurant the other side of town …

Something does not stress them, so they can focus their energy on yourself. And then go home and do nothing than usual. Seize the hours for eye contact, be spontaneous, rediscovered.

This plan is especially suitable for couples who have been together a long time and tend to fall into a rut and stop talking with the excuse of domestic affairs or overwork.

6) Give her a personalized perfume:

he colognes and perfumes are a typical Valentine’s Day gift. The ads are always trying to sell us a “sexy” message associated with one of these products. But sometimes there is nothing erotic wear the same perfume million people.

Find out what their favorite scents and entrust your partner a unique perfume, perhaps considering the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy.

7) liberal some chore:

A practical gift like a griddle or socks is frankly unromantic to this day. But if you give your partner a voucher for a housecleaning service or service bonus for housework or maintenance of the car, certainly appreciates the gesture … and the free time you have so they can enjoy it together.