Why Is It Better To Use Instagram Tools Than Buying Followers?

To maximize Instagram, you need to have a high level of followers on your account, but it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that if you have more followers, your reach will increase. People often purchase large amounts of followers thinking that this will benefit their account when in actual fact it is more detrimental. So, why is it better to use Instagram tools like nitreo than buy followers?

1. Ratios

Instagram’s algorithm is thought to be based on the follower to engagement ratio, the more followers you have on your account, the more engagement you are expected to have. If you sidestep this and simply bulk purchase followers, you are not getting this vital ratio that can help increase your reach. Instagram may even punish you for these actions and shadowban your account, further limiting your reach.

A lot of the followers that you purchase aren’t real accounts, so there will be a lack of engagement on your posts. It is this lack of engagement that Instagram assesses when they are looking to bump up accounts. If you have a high follower number and lack of engagement, your following doesn’t look genuine and you actively limit your account reach.

2. Targeting

When you purchase Instagram followers through an app, you can’t be sure that they meet the target market that you are trying to attract on Instagram. These accounts are largely empty bot accounts that add little to no value on your feed. You won’t be engaging with users that you can potentially engage with and market to, they are vacant accounts that take up valuable space. This is in direct contrast to using Instagram tools, these allow you to really target your approach and work towards engaging your niche. The better you understand who you are wanting to target your account at, the more accurate your following will be when you deploy your bot.

3. No Drop-In Numbers

Instagram is constantly working to rid the platform of fake accounts that are just used to follow other users. When you purchase followers, you will see the numbers start to drop on a daily basis as these accounts get shut down and removed from the app. When you use an Instagram automation tool, you won’t see drops that match these, as the tool is engaging with people who it thinks will be genuinely interested in your feed, which results in a real following. You can be sure that the followers you gain through your tool are real followers that want to see your content.

4. Time

It can take time to search out providers of fake followers, why not spend that configuring a tool that you can set and forget? The time you spend looking for a good deal on cheap followers can be better used to create the content that your audience wants to see. This way you can grow your following without having to exert as much effort.

5. Final Thoughts

Instagram tools are an awesome way of growing your following whilst ensuring that you maintain the follower the engagement ratio. The more genuine followers you have, the more likely they are to like and comment on your posts, which gives your account more validity and authority.

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If you purchase followers, you are buying empty accounts that aren’t reflective of your desired target audience and you’ll find that your account reach may also decrease very quickly as Instagram will shadowban you. You can configure an Instagram tool quickly and effectively, so you can get back to what really matters and that’s creating content that your audience wants to see.