Is Your Website Getting Traffic From Right Place | Important

Why getting the right traffic to your website is more important than sheer traffic volume There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about search engine optimization (SEO). Part of my job as a website optimizer is to educate prospects and clients on what works and what doesn’t. The biggest problem I see is that […]

Chamber of Commerce SEO Benefits for Small Businesses

Maximize Local SEO: Join a Chamber of Commerce Many of my small business clients are trying to get local customers via their websites. After using organic SEO to optimize their website for their target markets and geographic areas, I often suggest other marketing tactics to get trusted links to their site. To accomplish this, we’ll often set […]

SEO Transition Plan Checklist for Website Redesign | Important

  If you’re thinking about redesigning your website, don’t forget to include an SEO Transition Plan in your redesign project. If you skip this step, you risk losing all of the organic search and referring traffic that you’ve built up over the years that your current website has been operational. An SEO transition plan doesn’t […]

Add an Online Glossary to Improve Website Traffic and Search Rankings

As a small business owner, you are the expert with regards to your products and services. Your website can gain valuable traffic and improve its findability on search engines by sharing that expertise in the form of an online glossary or dictionary.  This article highlights some of the basics to get you started. An Example […]

Buying Keywords with PPC vs Organic SEO | Complete Comparison

A comparison of PPC and SEO tactics When I talk with potential clients there is often confusion on what services I provide. One day two different people asked me how many keywords they get with my Organic SEO Evaluation. I told them that I would optimize each page of their website individually for several keyword […]

Use Targeted Landing Pages to Convert Visitors into Customers

Helping website visitors take the next step when they land on the right web page Think about the web pages and sites you like the most when you get to them after searching the web through Google or Bing. Usually, they’re the ones that have all the information you need on one page. You don’t have […]

10 Reasons Why You Need to Evaluate and Test Your Website

In this article, I share some reasons why you should evaluate and test your website on a periodic basis. 10 – To Meet Industry Website Standards When you run a business, you’re expected to meet certain standards overseen by the health department, building inspectors, licensing agencies, etc. A website is no different. The World Wide Web […]