How to Choose the Best Open-back Headphones For You?

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Before buying headphones must read tech reviews about headphones that your thinking to purchase. You already know how Open-back headphones are different from normal, then what make the best one. In my opinion, there are three main factors.

Sound quality

Probably the most important criteria is the sound quality. The headphone sound includes the quality of its bass response, loudness, stereo image, frequency separation, and its noise-cancelling feature. Whenever you read an open-back-headphones review don’t miss to checkout sound quality information there.

A good set of Open-back headphones will have a nice sound signature that allow you to make adjustments easily and clearly or changes accordingly throughout the mix. It’s important to have a well-balanced sound; too much bass drowns out a song’s kick drums, snares, and hi-hats, making it harder to beat-mach.

You may find yourself in the situation where there is a delay (in milliseconds) in the sound coming from the dance floor and the booth monitor, in which case you’re probably want to turn off the booth sound and cue and beat match in your headphones.


Make sure that after a few hours of mixing, they remain comfortable on your ears. The more important thing is they don’t annoy you when they’re hanging around your neck, because they stay round your necks for much of the time. They should be not too tight, and fit the shape of your ears properly. Therefore, you may consider some key factors: size adjustability, comfort of the headband and the ear cups. The driver diameter of headphones can be anything between 35mm to 53mm.

Build quality

You have to consider what your headphones made of and whether the cable is replaceable or removable, since they have a hard life and too much risk of damage in club environments. If the material used to make your headphones is plastics, they are lighter; however, they will last longer if they are made of metal. It’s also important to check whether they come with detachable / replaceable parts.

You don’t have to buy a new one if any parts get broken. Therefore, you should look for metal build, detachable/replaceable parts and strong hinges. However, remember to have a backup headphones, you can’t image how hard to continue your gig when your primary one gets not working. It can be cheap, not excellent sound, or not durable but enough for your temporary need.