How to choose a software development company – your guide in 2021

Architectural Drawing Management SoftwareIn order to keep up with the technologies and create a digital presence for your business, you have to choose a software development company that suits your interests and purposes. It’s often a challenging task. Here are the recommendations that will help you get through the process quickly and choose the best software development company.


  1. Make a shortlist of companies you’d like to contact. This may seem like an easy task, but it’s not: focus on quality and expertise in the field you’re operating in. 
  2. Balance price vs quality. It is generally accepted that with a low budget it is nearly impossible to get a high-quality project. The majority of software development companies gather a team with developers that have a solid portfolio and background. The developers who spent their life to learn how to code require high salaries, but they do deliver excellent results
  3. Chose a company of scale, similar to yours. When you choose a software development company, prioritize the one that has a similar size and profits to yours. Some may argue that this point is of utmost importance. There is a simple reason for it: a company that is bigger than yours might not meet your price expectations, a company smaller than yours might not meet your technical requirements. This point has an intersection with the previous one.
  4. Check the portfolio and reviews of the software development company. A lot of works aren’t always a mark of quality, but it is a good indicator that people love them, for the costs of their services, proficiency, or both. In the era of technology, if a software development company is at least somewhat mature, you’ll find testimonials from their clients on different websites. Be careful: not all testimonials may be authentic. There are cases when rival companies hire people to defame their competitors. If the majority appreciates the company, there is less chance that you will be disappointed.
  5. Check whether the company you choose has the courage to say “no” to you. If a software development company agrees with you on all your conditions, it may be a sign that they are desperate to get your project. However, real professionals will always suggest the best case for you. They may say “No, you need JavaScript for this project” or “Using Flutter instead of the other SDKs will save your time and money.”


  1. The tricky suggestion: get to know whether the software development company completes the project on their own or hires a subcontractor to complete the project. This is important: if they hire subcontractors for different projects, they may not have their own professional team.
  2. A counter-intuitive suggestion: Choose a company that posts negative reviews on their website and their response to them. This may indicate that they are interested in the clients’ reviews, honest, and learning from their mistakes.