Dark Soul III Complete Game Analysis

They say that the great works are fragmented into trilogies, maybe Hidetaka Miyazaki thinks the same, hence according to his own words as director and ‘soul matter’ of the Dark Souls franchise have commented that this third installment will be the last of the series that has gone growing in public delivery to delivery, making known to millions of players a genre that they are not used to playing.

And, in recent times are increasingly common the extensive tutorials, the show your next mission on a minimap and highlight your goal when you do not know where to continue.

In general, the latest From Software titles offer you a “release” and yes, quotation marks, because many players are tired of hours of tutorials in favor of pure learning, the advance of the adventure by trial and error, if you want to continue you should know where and why have you failed. Without guides, without help.

At this time it is rare to find someone who does not know the Dark Souls saga or at least have heard about it, so it is as difficult as the game itself to discover someone this title. Let’s get to know Dark Souls III, the last work and last title of the From Software saga

The influence of Bloodborne:

Do not mislead the owner. It is true that Dark Souls III drinks in many aspects of Bloodborne, the exclusive title of From Software for PlayStation 4, but it is a direct evolution of the second part of the saga, introducing some aspects of Bloodborne, which on the other hand is totally logical and understandable; Why miss the opportunity to add changes and improvements to another title of the same development study?

In the first place we find gameplay much more dynamic than in Dark Souls II, but without being as agile and fast as in Bloodborne, which was halfway to being a Hack & Slash in the style of Platinum Games. In summary mode, Dark Souls III is Dark Souls II at speed x1.5.

That is why it is not so important to plan tactics about how we are going to face a boss or an area, but even if this is not the case, the strategic component still has value. But, if we have to focus our efforts on a combat style, we better learn to manage with ease with the Dualshock 4 in this case since the reflections are more important than the tactics proper.

In fact, we will soon realize the influence of Bloodborne when we verify that short-range attacks work and are much more effective than the long-range offensive, either through our own weapons or through the use of magic.

Evolution of Dark Souls II:

Dark Souls III takes the best aspects of all Souls, including Demon’s and plasma in this third installment, which is why you cannot blame anything in the atmosphere, enemies, mechanics, and even history because From Software and Miyazaki offers everything we like to those who love his works.

We are constantly going to find areas of other games that we will remember immediately, even if you notice that time has passed through them; and in this sense of ‘reusing,’ areas of other games, the title of the most used are the Demon’s Souls, although it is better to think it is a tribute and review the entire saga as it may be the last Dark Souls.

In the early stages of Dark Souls III we will give the impression that it is totally linear and that a marked path to advance, although there are alternative ways to get some objects, in the end, we ended up arriving at the same route and destination that we had marked from the first moment.

This happens only to the first hours of the adventure, in a moment the game clicks and releases us, we have a vast world to explore and we often have the feeling of being lost and disoriented. Dark Souls III is a mix of the II and Bloodborne on the course; while at the time of moving between areas we are in an open world more like the second delivery, when exploring a specific area is much more Bloodborne style, which means that it is more and more oppressive since we often have to go back to access new areas when we have achieved certain objects, fulfilled some mission, etc.

Lights and shadows:

Dark Souls III, is the first title of the saga that is launched exclusively on new generation platforms and PC. At a visual level, the play of light and shadow is overwhelming, as are the enormous castles and environments that we can glimpse on the horizon.

A peculiarity of which you like the title is that when you finish a specific area and move to the next, you can recreate observing in the distance the place you just left that looks relatively small to the intricate that is, the same happens in That period of transition where you can observe the next dungeon and even choose the place you want to access inside. The medieval aspect of Dark Souls III is commendable.

The level of detail of each armor and weapon of the very varied that there is throughout the adventure is simply insane, bordering on the madness that From Software has put so much care in this aspect, and as depending on the equipment you are using in every moment, our character has different animations, in fact, and avoiding spoilers, there will be equipped with which we can imitate Bloodborne movements.

Speaking of Bloodborne, one of the controversies of this title was his excess of time on the loading screens, which is Dark Souls III is repeated, although without being so tedious, at certain times it can come to annoy, especially when we are in areas where we die again and again without stopping.

Friends or enemies?

Miyazaki himself was surprised that the multiplayer aspect and especially the PvP was to be one of the main axes of the users in Dark Souls. That is why the online component has been improved upon each delivery and included more options for the players. There are two ways of coping in network mode, with companions helping us in the adventure and vice versa or fighting against other players invading their game or being invaded.

In Dark Souls III there is a cooperative of up to six people, which will make the adventure more bearable thanks to being able to fight as a team and solve zones in a simpler way, it is true that it reduces the difficulty a lot but it is always more pleasant to be able to share your experience with other real people. Many and varied chaotic situations can be par. For example, You have just defeated a final boss with two friends, you recover your humanity and at that moment another player invades you. Thanks to finding the support of your two companions that rival may not spoil your epic victory.

It can also happen that you invade several rival players and a sort of pitched battle between a total of up to six players, which is really amazing; it is in the first Dark Souls that a situation of this style can be given. It also happens that there are players who team up to make life impossible for the passers-by who live there, we can find several of them wait in the same area for players to pass one and again to eliminate them on the spot. In some way, they could also be called ‘abusers’.

Blood of the dark soul

Blood of the dark soul that seeped from the hole in Slave Knight Gael. Used as key by his lady in Ariandel to illustrate a painted world. When Gael came upon the pygmy lords, he found that their blood had long ago dried, and so consumed the dark soul.


Dark Souls III is the perfect closing for the saga, a title that as it advances reminds us of all the good moments and scenarios of its predecessors, reminding us of the magnitude and high status achieved by the From Software franchise. Although we find ourselves before the end of the trilogy, it is not an impediment for new players to start with this title, although if you are already a faithful follower of the franchise you will undoubtedly get excited and be left speechless at some moments of the adventure.

It has had to be in new generation consoles and PC where the closure and Miyazaki sure have thought that way. Because Dark Souls III offers experience and visual beauty above even Bloodborne. Although at certain times it is ballasted because of the high load times. The steep drop in framerate or the constant popping.